Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

The dedication and passion it takes to go out and ride when it is 27 degrees is a strange thing.  I happen to posses that ability.  Some call it dedication, some call it passion others (including my husband) call it obsessive.  Call it what you want it is cold.  I am glad I forced myself to get out and ride though my body was telling me to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.  Other than the fact that I still cannot feel my toes I stayed moderately warm.  But getting to live in that connection there is when I am on Steady's back is no match for dropping temperatures.   He proves his abilities each time I get on and I am usually in awe.  First at his work ethic, then and his intellegence and mostly at his tolerence.  He has had to put up with me making so many mistakes on the ground, in our rides and in saddle fitting and those are only the mistakes that I recognized.  Not to mention the ones I completely over looked.

He gave me a great ride and always tries to give me what I am asking for.  His trust for me is phenomenal.  His seperation anxiety has gone down tremendously and if I am near it is gone completely.  He does still struggle when I leave and there are no horses but he has made wonderful progress.  He knows I will take care of him and he has almost no fear if I am there with him.  It is scary to me to tie my heartstrings so tightly to another living thing but it cannot be helped.  I love this horse and our bond is amazing.


  1. Very nice thoughts! I'm of an obsessive bent myself, but the temperatures today are too much even for me - our wind chills aren't getting out of the single digits - brrr!

  2. Oh yes Kate same here...brrr. I think there is a threshhold and it probably lies somewhere around 20 degrees, 15 if I am really desperate. I don't think I could brave much colder than that.

  3. I despise the cold! LOL Good for you for getting out there and braving it. :) Today we had a warm day that would have been perfect for taking Chrome for a walk, but I have a head cold and my back still hurts from being on my feet for eleven and a half hours straight on Sunday. Sigh.


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