Monday, December 27, 2010

Horsey wishlist 2011

I have a selfish wish list and of course I don't expect to get any of it but well I guess that is why it is called a "wish" list and go figure almost all are horse related.

I really want a cross country vest and kind of need one in order to do any cross country schooling or showing. 
A new helmet which is probably going to happen because with Macy starting to ride we will need another helmet and Elaina fits into mine so I guess that means I need a new one! 
An outdoor riding arena.  It is not neccessary but would be soooo helpful and then I can also take on more lessons and not have to worry about letting Elaina and Macy going out to ride. 
A new saddle.  This is just wishful thinking.  Saddles are so expensive and I have had such a hard time finding one to fit Steady.  If nothing else I hope to find a used one that will at least be better than the one I have for him. 
Build a tackroom in my barn.
Get 2 more acres fenced in.
A new bridle but it doesn't make sense to get a new bridle before I have my saddle.  Who knows maybe I will just get a new schooling bridle considering mine is like 20 years old.
Show clothes; breeches that fit, a shirt and collar, a jacket and gloves.
Also a few smaller items like Saddle pads and boots for Steady.
The list could go on but I will stop there because at least these are the more realistic from the list.
The unrealistic are a new trailer.  A truck. Build a new barn.  Have a pond dug.  Remodel the bathroom and bedroom.

And the thing I need most of all to afford all of it....A JOB!


  1. I've gotten a lot of great deals off of craigslist. Ebay has good stuff for cheap, too, although you have to bid on it. As far as saddles go, the best investment I ever made was a custom fit saddle. Spider is hard to fit, too. The saddle was really expensive, but really worth it.

    If you look under the "arena construction" label on my blog you'll find all the details about my arena. The footing materials cost about $1500 all together, but we got a great deal on the rubber and already owned a tractor. We also didn't need to install a base, which saved a ton of money.

    Good luck with your wishlist! I've noticed that when you're dedicated and hard-working, the things you need have a way of finding you.

  2. Sounds like a fun (and expensive) list. Sigh... I love tack shopping.

    I have owned five different saddles (yes, for one horse) and only one of them was bought new. The used saddle market opens up so many options. I would always buy a good quality used saddle over a medium quality new one. Good luck, though. Saddle shopping is not the best thing ever.

    As for the bridle... oh... I love bridle shopping. It's so worth having a good one, though. They feel better, last longer, and are fun to maintain. Really. There's nothing like the smell and feel of clean quality leather. Love it.

  3. Ahh... "I used to have money, now I have a horse".
    I wanted a cross country vest for years. I finally found one for sale used on never hurts to put an ad in "items wanted" for a vest, either (That is actually how I got mine).
    Good luck, I feel for you ;)

  4. Those vests are mighty handy. I'm sure they saved me a number of times from worse injuries. Hopefully you get all that you wish.

  5. Sounds like a fun list! I hope you get everything on it this year. :D


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