Monday, December 6, 2010

Elisabeth update

I did my best to make their Thanksgiving as nice a possible so I doubled our entire Thanksgiving and brought it to them.  I just knew that her mom had to spend so much time caring for her she wouldn't  be able to spend all day in the kitchen.

She has really been in alot of pain and on vicodin around the clock.  She went in on Tuesday for an appointment and the dr. said that surgery was neccessary.  We were all really hoping it could be avoided but that is not the case.  Thursday was her surgery and it went well.  She got to go home the same day.  The first few days following the pain was still just as intense but now about 5 days out she seems to have moments thoroughout the day that she feels "good".  good enough to get up and move around.  She is in in a splint and can now stand and walk with her arm in a sling.  Her break in her elbow was the most severe and the bone was actually rotated out of place and that is why she had surgery.  She had 4 pins put in.  They were very happy that they did avoid using screws.  So she is very slowly getting better each day and now it is time to figure out what she can do since all the things she loves she cannot do for a while.

They have also not been able to even think about the horse and how to handle him.  I am trying to help them as much as possible work through it but they can only deal with it the way they need to.  Right now I think they are leaning toward selling him but they are not going to make any quick decisions which I think is for the best.

Thank you so much for all of you who have been so sweet and supportive through all of this.  It really means alot

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  1. Aww so sad. I hope if they decide to sell him that they can find the right owner for them where this won't happen to someone else. I wonder if he's done something like this before they got him . . .

    I'm glad Elisabeth is feeling better. That sucks that she had to have the surgery but is very good that she didn't have to have screws. Here's hoping the rest will be smooth sailing. She will cope with it pretty quickly. Kids are amazing that way. :)


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