Friday, December 17, 2010

I can't feel my fingers.

But it really doesn't matter because I got to ride my horse, the footing is great and it feels sooooo good.  Like many people across the country I am struggling to find a time to ride that the weather will allow.  Whether it is rain in the PNW, cold, snow or a little bit of all of it, it seems that it is not the cards for people to get out and ride unless you are fortunate enough to have an indoor at your disposal.  But even then there are no guarantees if it is still too cold or your horse doesn't particularly like the arena.  I just haven't heard about many good rides as of late and goodness knows I don't have any to write about.
But against every bone in my body I forced myself to get out there today.  It is really the first day in 2 weeks that it has been even reasonably safe to ride.  With windchills hanging in the single digits it was just not safe to ride or sensable.  Today though the sun never really peaked out from behind the clouds though it tried but there was not much wind at all and the high was 25.  I was feeling very very down and overwhelmed.  Though I didn't want to I got out and saddled up.

Steady by no means was a perfect angel but he hasn't been riden in two weeks either so I think it is to be expected.  Also when all of your aides are frozen it really makes it hard to know if you are giving the correct aides and at the right moments.  The numbness kind of inhibits good riding.  He was very forward, more forward than he has been in a long time.  He was partially listening most of the time but I took what I could get.  There was no way I was getting flustered on the only ride I have had in weeks.  I see though that I am going to have to hit the ground running come spring time after all this time off.  I had about 2 very nice leg yeilds and he picked up his leads nicely and stayed in a nice collected canter.  I cannot not ask for anymore than that because that is great progress.  Even though we have not been able to ride since the clinic it was great to see that just that one day really helped us get the canter put together better. 
I am happy to say my mood has dramatically improved and my Steady therapy did the trick.  So I can't feel my fingers or my toes but my heart is happy so all is good!

I would like to add that this was his first ride since his shoes were removed yestereday and no sign of soreness!!!


  1. Good for you for managing to get in a ride - sounds like he did the best he could for you under the conditions.

  2. Yes! Good to hear that you snuck in a ride. I'm hoping to do the same this weekend. We'll see how that goes!

  3. I left you a comment to your question back on my blog.

  4. Yah for the hooves! I think keeping him on soft footing is key.
    We do have to get those rides in when we can! I'd love to get that expensive arctic wear breeches and shirt and gloves that I always see in Dover, but just don't have the pocketbook for it:)Plus I can't even keep track of my cheap gloves so I can't be trusted with spendy ones!

  5. It's pretty amazing what horses do to people like us. I can't imagine any other reason to spend hours outside in freezing weather.

    Well done, and way to stick with it.

  6. Good job for riding! :) And happy to hear he's adjusting to his bare feet

  7. I'm glad he's not sore and it sounds like he was a good boy considering the temps and time off. :)

    I wish I had riding stories. I still have a year and a half to go before Chrome is even old enough to ride. :)

  8. the heart being happy is what counts. I'm glad you found yourself some time to ride.


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