Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moonlight got new diggs.

Moonlight's stall has been a source of issues for years.  It does not drain properly and it doesn't help that there is a leak in the roof above his stall which makes it basically a constant wet mess.  I have tried getting gravel hauled in and grating it.  I even had a failed attempt at making a small trench so the pee and water would run out of his stall.  Which it would work to a certain extent but  once outstide the fluid had no were to go.   So a few weeks ago as I was in my frustrated state of mind trying to figure out a solution.  It occured to me that if I moved all my feed and stuff I (and by I, I mean my dear, sweet, patient, hard working husband) could put a stall in. 
So I decided it was time to do some rearanging.  Saturday was spent setting posts, cutting boards, moving stuff, putting up boards and viola a brand spanking new stall was done.  Steady now has a next door neighbor and Snappy is freed from the forelock pulling bully.  It is a win win.  Not to mention Moonlight not having to deal with a wet mucky stall ever again, Halalujah!!!

I would post a picture but I have seen some of the barns that people board at and I am a bit embarassed of my not horse barn that I have done my best to convert into a workable space for my four legged friends.  Don't get me wrong I am soooo grateful for my barn and the fact that it is workable so I can have my horses but it is just not the same as some of the boarding facilities out there with all the fancy schmancy pants stuff in some barns.  I am not knocking it because if I could afford it you better believe my horses would have the best out there but they are quite happy witht their pasture and stalls and that is all that matters.  I never have to deal with turnout times, or too many riders to get in a good ride so it does have it's benefits ;)


  1. Hey, don't worry if you're not fancy--most of us aren't, either. The lucky few with to-die-for digs aren't the majority.

    So, pictures?

  2. Horses don't care if they have "fancy" facilities or not. And I agree with Bandit - the majority of us own or board at average facilities. :-) Pictures!

  3. We're not fancy, in the least! But I know how it feels when you see those $600 a month barns.
    When we had AJ at home when I was a kid we always dealt with problems like you describe. Draining issues, leaking roofs, very frustrating! Glad you were able to come up with a solution. You should share a picture:)

  4. zero fancy here! AND it sounds like your place offers the best situation-turnout and love and peace and quiet!

  5. Pictures! like everyone else said. I love seeing all barns; fancy or not. They fascinate me :) I don't have a fancy barn either! :P

  6. Way to go being resourceful!!!!!

    Don't feel embarrassed by your facilities. Mine are not great either. Chrome used my metal feed shed as a butt scratching post and dented in one wall and of course it's the wall that faces the road. Sigh. I haven't fixed it yet because I'm afraid of causing further damage by smacking on it.


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