Thursday, December 9, 2010

A butt scratching mystery.

Literally.  I went out to feed this am and give Steady his once over.  Pretty much the extent of what I have done horse related this week since the temps were hovering frightening close to 0 all week.  As I was looking him over he had a large, fresh gouge out of his hing end at the top about 6 inches left of his tail.  It was wet with very little blood.  Looks like it just scraped off the top layer of skin but didn't break it.  It looked to fresh to have happened last night.  I looked his stall up and down over and over and could not find anything protruding or something with his hair on it.  I have no idea how he got it.  The worst part is that he did get it and if I don't know how I fear it could happen again and God forbid in a worse place on him.  Grrr it is frustrating.


  1. Hmm, strange?! Maybe during a roll?
    I hate when that happens. Keep looking but try not to worry. Take the minor cut for what it is and save worry for later. lol!

  2. A couple weeks ago, I came out and found Izzy with a big scrape a couple inches above her eye. Took the hair off, didn't break skin.

    I spent 30 minutes going over every inch of her stall and run trying to find where she did it. No luck.

    Fortunately, she hasn't repeated it, either. Good luck!

  3. They can drive you crazy with the mystery owies can't they?! Steady is beautiful. Loved your response to Kate's post :)

  4. Those are the worst kinds of mysteries..
    Hope he does NOT find that sharp area again!


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