Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I snuck it in.

Oooof that was one of the worst rides I have had in months.  And trying to have my 7 and 5 year old video was just as terrible.  Steady clearly had other things on his mind and cared not for what I wanted from him.  I do believe though we are having yet another saddle issue and I not only need to get in for a lesson but also a saddle fitting and have my fingers crossed I can find a used saddle that fits.  First sign is the fact that he reaches around as I am tightening the girth as if he is really ticked or just flat out wants to take a chunk out of me.  Instead he takes chunks out of the board fence he is tied to.  Thats a good sign something is not right.  Oh saddle fitting woes I know someday I will rejoice when you are over.  Down the long side he immediately put his head up in the air.  I am thinking it may have been that the snow was deeper over there and he was struggling to get through it but who knows.  This was a  problem he had in the begining and it has been a while since it reared it's ugly head...ok silly pun.  But on the near side he would at least start feeling for the bit and rounding some.  But all in all his energy was high and he wasn't focusing.  There was ALOT of hard bridging.  Agian not something I have had to do in a long while.  The one and only positive that came out of the ride is that he is starting to pick up his correct leads and right when asked and the canter is bouncy and fun and somewhat collected.  So I guess my goal for the winter months was to get the canter under control and to slightly resemble something that belonged in a dressage arena and that is actually coming along.  I just didn't expect to loose all the other stuff we had down pat.  Again another reason to head to that lesson.  Ho hum lets hope tomorrow proves to be a better day.  So not really any salvagable video but I will leave you with this.......baby it's cooold oooout side!


  1. Good on you for getting out and riding in the cold! Hope your saddle fit issue ends up being an easy fix :)

  2. I hate cold... sorry your ride sucked.

    Good luck with both the camera and the saddle issues. Just remember--most adults are just as bad with cameras as 7 year olds. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. I called today to get a lesson. I hope to get in before Tuesday. True about the videographer skills though do most adults usually turn the camera on themselves and make funny faces in it..lol? The best part is when I go back excited to see some of my ride and realize I have goofy girls giggle almost the whole time. Hahaha parenthood definitely requires the ability to multitask.

  4. I think it's pretty common for horses to temporarily "lose" some of their training when they are learning something new. Not something to worry about. I doubt it's really gone. Your trainer will be able to tell you for sure when you see her for a lesson.

    Kudos for you getting out in the cold to ride. I miss riding but I don't know if I would be out there to ride in weather under 30F. Too cold!!


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