Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100th post OH SH!T!!!

Well my day started out pretty normal.  Get up feed kids.  Check email.  Clean kitchen.  At about 9:30 am someone pulls in my driveway and starts walking up to my door.  Someone I have never seen before.  I have my husband answer the door.  Before the guy could get his sentence out of his mouth I was running out the door, throwing on my boots and running as fast as I could.  Are you wondering what the guy said?  All I had to hear was "There are horses...".  Holy SHIT the horses are out.  We live on a State Hwy so it is a very serious thing for them to be running free.  Not that anyone ever wants there horses to get loose but a semi flying down the hwy at 65 or even worse a smaller car.  Not only would my horses have a gloom fate but the poor people in the vehicle probably would too.  I quickly found them.  They were in the neighbors yard.  Only about 50 ft from the hwy.  There were two people out there, and luckily the traffic noticed and stopped.  Steady saw me and started toward me but the last thing I wanted to do was walk toward him and he decide to make a break for it.  So I made my way around so that I was between him and the road.  One lady started running toward them and I quickly yelled to her to NOT run toward them!  I went for Steady first because he is Alpha and I knew hoped everyone else would follow.  One lady got in front of Moonlight and he was closest to the road.  I walked up to Steady and wrapped the rope around his neck.  The other lady had Moonlights head.  I told her to let him see Steady walking away and he would most likely follow.

THANK GOD that is exactly what all the little goobers did.  I led Steady and Moonlight, Snappy, and Blaze all followed.  Even walking right into the pasture again.  No one made a detour to the barn.  I think they were all a bit shell shocked and didn't know what they had gotten themselves into and were happy to go back to there familiar pasture.  It ended well and I am so so very thankful.  Other than the yard being torn up(and the neighbors...OPPPS...they already are not my biggest fan becuase of the animals)

appearently someone made a sliding stop.

The only other thing I noticed was my cloths line post that had no lines attatched to it was bent in half.


 I searched it over for hairs or any sign as to how it happened.  There are hoofprints leading to and away from it but no other sign of how it happened.  I checked over all the horses and there is no sign of any injury.  Except moonlight has a little scratch on his shoulder.  It didn't even break the skin, just a little hair missing and by looking at the post it does not make logical sense on how it could have been his shoulder.  Who knows?  Everyone is ok and I am happy, flustered and frustrated but happy everyone is ok.  It could have ended terribly.  Thank you to the good samaritans for informing us and helping.

I know how it happened and I am frustrated with myself that it did.  It is human error and growing up with horses I know that it does happen sometimes but it had never happened to me.  I did not latch the gate completely.  I even remeber how and why I didn't.  You better believe that won't happen again from me.  Though with children there is always that fear that a child could do it.  I know mine know better but it could be an accident and we have other children here often.  It does encourage me to put more effort into moving.  Our next place will NOT be on a State hwy!


  1. Glad everyone is ok!! That's quite the mystery with the clothes line post. I am always amazed at what horses are able to hurt themselves on, and NOT hurt themselves on!

  2. It happened to us a couple of weeks ago - I got that call - there are horses out -luckily we corralled them quickly and no harm was done. It's always scary, and that's when I'm glad I have horses who lead well.

  3. I know Karen it is a mystery. Kate I too am so thankful for that. When Steady saw me he started walking right toward me and being able to walk right up to him is a life saver.

  4. Having the horses escape is sooooo scary! I'm so happy with my situation the way it is because usually if Chrome gets out Zeppelin doesn't and he start braying, so I always know pretty fast that something is wrong. Gotta love a donkey. The few times Zep has also gotten out our neighbor saw them and he followed Chrome right back in, thank goodness since I can't halter him. Now that we have padlocks on all of the gates it doesn't happen anymore. :)

    I'm glad no one was hurt especially with the clothesline pole. How strange.

  5. It's sooo scary when that happens. Glad that it ended well. It happened to us once and I couldn't stop feeling shakey for hours.


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