Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You guys are so SMERT!

So I took to heart your words of advice about the nerves causing the problems with our rides.  So yesterday, I didn't have alot of time to ride as it was getting dark but I was ok with it.   I conciously thought "I am just going to go have a relaxing, enjoyable ride".    Even if I have problem and he isn't cooperating then I will do something else.  Something that he wants to do.  Not really worry about: fitness, roundness, dressage tests, moving off my aides, my hands being too low, my leg being to far forward and so on...  No wonder I was a bundle of nerves and passing all those nerves onto my unsuspecting horse.

That brings us to today!  Yes it was that good!  I decided to go as far as we could go with positive progress.  I also think I had a BIG break through with my little brain.  Now it seems so obvious but I didn't realize what I was doing until today.  I jump on and immediately ask for supple, round. bendy dressage pony.  Ummmm yeah I am sure you can all see why our work was not going well.  I realized that after he has ample time to warm up his SO willing to be and do all of those things I was wanting.  MAN I love this horse!  He teaches me how to be a good rider and horse owner.  I am glad he is so patient.  So today is the best ride I have had at least since last fall and possibly to date.


  1. That is so fantastic! I'm so excited for you and Steady. :D

  2. Steady sounds like a great guy for you. So patient and responsive. It's a perfect match.

  3. Yay! And good luck at the show this weekend!

  4. Woo hoo for a great ride! Best of luck this weekend - weather will dictate if we get there to watch.
    And hope your vest arrived. I have found Smart Pak to be the best at delivering super fast and having everything ordered in stock. Learned the hard way a few times.


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