Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My saddle woes may be over. Let's cross our fingers!

I just put an offer in on a saddle.  I found a saddle online that has dropped panels and wither gussets and I WANT it!!  I really hope we can settle on a price ASAP because I want to ride in it.  There is no trialing it or returning but I really think it will work.

Oh and I have never ordered anything from dover before but it has been the crappiest experience.  My package that should have been here Monday was then said to be here on Thursday is now supposed to be here on Friday.  If it is not here on Friday I may just go berzerk on someone. 

When I get more info on the offer on the saddle I will post pics and stuff.  I am just holding my breath I can get it!


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  2. Sorry about the other comment. Had to fix a typo.

    It said, "Yay! I hope they accept your offer and that it fits perfectly for both you and Steady!"

  3. Hooray saddle.

    Stupid Dover. I never order from them. Period.


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