Sunday, April 24, 2011

I have some really really amazingly wonderful good news!!!

I have been on a trip with my daughter for her bithday since Thursday.  I have been axiously awaiting the arrival of the Albion I bought off of ebay.  And of course what I was hoping wouldn't happen did, it showed up on Friday and I had already left for Chicago on Thursday.  So I had to wait a looong torcherous wait.  We pulled in the driveway tonight about 10:30 pm and I had to still feed everyone in the rain.  I brought everyone in fed and ran inside and tore open the box!  Oooh it is soooo pretty but pretty doesn't matter much if it doesn't fit right?

I ran outside at about 11 pm in the dark with a flashlight to get my first test of whether or not this saddle will fit.  I put it on slid it into place be continued....

Hahaha just kidding I am just not mean like that.  I took my initial look and....I have NEVER put a saddle on my horse before that didn't fall on or very close to his withers.  This saddle had 2 fingers clearance on each side and 3!! at the top!!!  I feared that in trying to fit his withers I would in turn have to have a saddle that sat pommel high and guess what???  I does NOT!!!  It looks like it has great spine clearance.  It also sits balanced and level across the back.  Since it was dark I took the flash light and pointed it through the wither clearance and could see light out the back.  It seems almost too good to be true, but it is looking extremely promising.  This is all my initial look and still need to girth up and ride in it but by the looks there will be no need for shim pads and we will actually have a saddle that FITS my horse!!!  I am soooo excited!!  And am starting to breath a sigh of relief after a year of dealing with ill fitting saddles.


  1. Hope it fits just right, sounds great so far!

  2. eeee!!! SO happy for you!! It's a gorgeous saddle and sounds like it's a great fit so far! :) :) Happy dance!!

  3. Awesome!!! I'm so hope it works out. It looks fabulous.

    One of my saddles came literally the night before I was supposed to leave on a 5 day trip. I took it out of the box and galloped it around the kitchen.


  4. SOOO excited for you! Hoping the fit is amazing when you get to hop up. Will this rain ever end???

  5. Gorgeous saddle. My husband has an Albion and they are GREAT saddles. I'm looking forward to hearing about your first ride in it :)

  6. Oh my goodness I almost threw my laptop across the room when you wrote to be continued lol! I hate cliffhangers. :)

    I'm glad the initial fit looks good. I'm so excited for you. Let us know how it looks when you ride in it. :)


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