Monday, April 11, 2011

I have this uneasy feeling in my stomach every time I think about this weekend.  Friday I leave for Come Again Farm and Saturday is our second schooling event ever and our first of the year.  I am having a hard time nailing down where the feeling is stemming from because there are so many reasons it could be.

#1 Steady has seemed to regress the past week or so.  Before we seemed to be making progress,slowly but surely and all the sudden something seems to be going on with him.  He doesn't seem to be off.  I have lunged him and not seen anything and though they are not horsey people I have had a couple different people watch us work and they don't see anything.  And I don't have anyone else that is a horse person to take a look but it is definitely not an obvious issue.  He is not nearly as forward as he usually is but that can have in part to do with being in regular work as oppossed to having off half the winter.  He also seems reluctant to round at random moments.  Not too unusual but it seems to be more often and more dramatic as of late.  I was going to the standby saddle fitting problem as the cause and then took a couple days riding bareback and he was exactly the same with or without a saddle.  So now my mind keeps telling me CHIRO!  I will be making an appointment for that asap but it won't help us for Saturday. 

#2 It is the first of the year like I said so nerves are definitely a factor right now.

#3 I am going to be gone the entire weekend.  I not only am showing Saturday but am staying over for a lesson on Sunday.  So I will leave Friday afternoon and not come home until Sunday afternoon.  This is not a normal occurance for me to leave home alone overnight, ever.

Then there is trailering, preperation like mane maintence and packing and making sure all the other animals are going to be well cared for and....gah!  I wish I could just be excited about it and not so full of axiety over it.....


  1. Hm... saddle fitting problems could equal back soreness, which would show up bareback too.

    Chiro sounds like an excellent plan. If possible, have said chiro look at your saddle and Steady's back and see if you can get some feedback.

  2. I will be in your position in 2 weeks - but I do have a 'horse' husband and show experienced daughter with me. Our first show at HHP will be my first time as a competitor instead of a show mom.

    Just take it one step at a time - don't get you drink? :) Have a feeling you and Steady will do great!

    If the weather is not too awful on Sat. may try and get to CAF to watch on Sat. Would like to check it out before we show there in May. If we do, I will try and find you.

  3. Are you transmitting your nerves to Steady? Just enjoy and relax........
    HA on my relax advice! B/c if it were me, I would be puking and crapping with nerves!!!!! ;)
    But really, positive thinking and you two are going to do great :)

  4. I almost always feel that my horse is worse before our first show of the season (I've only been showing for three years). I think as the date gets closer I'm on high alert and things I might not have picked up on get REALLY magnified. Also, my nervousness hinders my riding which translates to the horse not going as well. If he doesn't look off there may not be anything wrong.

  5. PS - I love your bareback photos from your last post!

  6. Folks make a good point -- I often have crappy rides before horse trials because I am so keyed up and trying to "fix" everything in the week before the show. Which is crazy, but hey, when has crazy ever stopped me??

  7. Your nerves are effecting Steady. I have the same problem, all the way up to the show or clinic date I'm a bundle of nerves. But then, when the day comes I'm as calm as I can be because I know I have to be there to represent my horse. It's just like how you're calm when your kids are upset or sick or hurt: you know you have to be calm and strong for them when they need you. Steady needs you to be calm and strong for him. So, I know that on the day of the event you'll wake up calm and ready to take charge. You're a Mom, you've got this!

  8. I do think you ladies are to something. I sense my nervousness and then it seems to turn to frustration. Thanks Shannon I needed that, you are right, I got this!!!

  9. I have no showing experience and so no advice, but I think what they are saying makes a lot of sense. You'll be fine, just remember to breathe and have fun!


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