Friday, April 15, 2011

I bought a saddle...

I wish I could be happier about it but I paid more than I wanted to pay and could not trial it or have it fitted.  It may have been a HUGE mistake and only time will tell.  From all the information I could gather and the best guess I could make this will be a good fit for Steady BUT of course I do not know what I am doing.  Here is the link to the saddle that I now own.  Go easy on me if you think I am a complete idiot for buying a non-returnable saddle sight unseen. So those are all the reasons that should not have bought the saddle.

Here are the reasons I did buy it.  If you look at the pictures you will see what I am talking about.  It has dropped panels and wither gussets, the tree shape looks similar to that of a County and those fit him well.  Those are the big reasons I bought it.  Then there is the fact that it is black and I like black and also means I only need one show bridle that is black.  It appears to have fairly forward flaps and in good condition.

We will see a saddle fitter in July at CAF Event camp.  Kate Wooten will be at camp that week and she is an independent fitter from TN.  So if you need to be fitted even if you are not coming to camp I am sure you can make an appointment.  She is very resonably priced and has come with good recommendations.  She also has saddles with her in her truck to try and to purchase that are on consignment.  So please spred the word around your barn.  I will also promote this more over the next couple months.  I July we will be properly fitted to the saddle but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I wish I am not in the situation I am in to begin with but what's done is done and let's just hope my uneducated guess will work out. 


  1. Well I love the saddle! I hope it fits Steady! If not, you can probably re-sell it for what you paid. :)

  2. Congrats! Looks very comfy - hoping Steady thinks so to :)

  3. Looks great--hope it works for you guys.

  4. I think you did good -- my BO's dressage saddle is an Albion -- I ALMOST bought it, but the tree was too wide for Solo. That things is FREAKING AWESOME to ride in though. I felt like Robert bloody Dover sitting up there, it just smacks you into the correct position and I felt really secure.

    Also, I know at least on the newer Albions, the whole front half of the tree is totally adjustable, you can have a fitter make it a different size. It's not cheap, but it's better than buying more saddles!

  5. Brave girl! Truly hope it works.

    My saddle maker just mailed me...4 weeks longer till I've mine. Somewhat disappointed, but it gives me more time to save.
    It'll be a bareback pad camping trip in May.

    Hope all goes well at the show-obviously, you'll find out in short order on the saddle.
    I was warned by my saddle maker NOT to ask of much, til I see the wear patterns on her back, on the flat.

    Have a good time, remember, its really fun!

  6. I would say you did well. Albions are great saddles and you can easily resell if it doesn't work. $1300 isn't much for a good quality saddle so don't stress about price.
    Good luck this weekend!

  7. Wow that's a nice looking saddle! I hope it works out for you guys. I agree with everyone else you shouldn't have a problem reselling it if it doesn't work. :)


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