Friday, April 1, 2011

Am I beating a dead horse?

Just tucked all my boys in their stalls for the night.  They are out 24/7 but we are supposed to be having on and off rain all night with the chance of high winds and alot of lightening.  So I figured they would appreciate a break from the elements.  It is nice to tuck them in their cozy stalls once in a while.  Though I don't mind not having to clean the stalls when the boys are out all the time.

So I am wondering if I am driving everyone crazy with my saddle fitting woes.  It is just all consuming.  The County rep apparently is not real quick in getting back to potential clients.  Still have not heard from her.  I wanted to ask her advice and see what options she might have for me.  I do like that shape of the county tree and now that I know that it seems to fit Steady well I wouldn't mind going County considering it is the ONLY local saddle fitter in 3 states.  I say ridiculous!

On a side note all of this is making me seriously consider taking Mike Scott's saddle fitting course.  This is just in the begining stages of brain storming but it is something I really really would love to do.  He only takes 4 students at a time and it is and intensive 6 month course and you can read about it on his sight.  I say if I have to bring someone in from TN to fit my horse that there is a shortage of good fitters out there and especially independent fitters. 

And because so many of my posts as of late have been photoless a little bit of cuteness.
Macy taking a break on a hot day on Blaze...priceless.


  1. What a gorgeous photo. I love it.
    I think you might be onto something with the sadlle fitting course. Sounds like there's a market for it.

  2. Wow gorgeous picture!! I'm impressed.

    The saddle fitting course sounds interesting! Are you considering doing it simply to learn to fit Steady or are you thinking of offering your services to the public once you learn? I didn't go to the website because I'm so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open, but if there are no saddle fitters in the area that might be a good thing to do on the side for some money. Good luck!!

  3. That's how saddle fitting is--all consuming. It must be right.

    I'm on an iffy connection, so I didn't click the link, but only you can tell if that's a good fit for your family. Good luck!

  4. Seems like if there is no one around, all you have is do it yourself. Most of us obsessive horse owners become experts in order to be sure that our vet/farrier/chiro/dentist/whatever is doing the best for our horse. Makes sense to educate yourself in saddle fitting too if you have a chance!

    Plus if there really is no one around, that's a fantastic market to offer those services to!

  5. I LOVE love LOVE my County saddle. Although I have never dealt with a fitting rep.


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