Friday, November 4, 2011

The banks.

Favorite 'thing for me to remember', you stop kicking at jumps they start running at jumps. A few 'little' jumps on the way back toward the water. Another Pep talk with Peter He asked Sara if she just wanted to hang around novice and training the rest of your life, or do you want to go somewhere? LOL my answer would have been, I would be happy to be successful at Novice. I wonder how that would go over? We are almost done with clinic videos. Only water left to post. Homefront news, I spoke too soon about the weather. It rained all day and all night. Which put a damper on my riding plans. I did not enter the EN Dubarry contest because I am just not that creative but after yesterday evenings feeding, these were my thoughts. 'You know Amy rubber boots are only helpful if they don't have holes in them.' Just about then is when I stepped ankle deep into a puddle and felt my entire boot fill up with freezing, muddy/poopy water. Next thing that went through my head, 'I wish I would have won those Dubarry's'. But even still I cannot complain, sunny and 50's today and sunny and 60's over the weekend. Tomorrow we are off to the State Park to ride the trails. I am trying to decide to just take my 8 year old daughter and Moonlight or to take a friend and her daughter along with us. The problem is this friend cannot ride her horse(the one I talked about a while back that has issues that she is not capable of handling or riding). So she would ride Moonlight and my daughter would have to ride our mini which can be no fun after a few miles since he is so bouncy. I plan to ask my daughter what she would rather do since she is the one that would have to deal with the sore ribs after 9 miles of bouncing around on Snappy.


  1. I am now itching to go xc schooling!

  2. The difference that kicking can make between jumping off a bank and launching off a bank has never been explained to me and I see lots of riders more advanced than I am getting bounced hard by launching horses. Now I can't wait to try this!

  3. Me TOO Dom!

    Barbara-this is one of those things I struggle with because I equate kicking with forward and so I hesitate to kick a rushing horse. When in reality it is exactly the opposite and I am creating what I am trying to is a viscous cycle!


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