Thursday, November 10, 2011

The last of the Peter Atkin's October clinic at the Bea Hive, water complex.

Me having a little chat with Peter about a statement he made about hating boots on XC.  He said he sees boot cause more problems on XC.  That is the first time I have ever heard such a thing and had to ask.

Peter and madness in the water. I LOVE this conversation! Peter noticing that Jr. is not happy on gravel. Dorie states he is barefoot. Peter tells her if she knows her horse is bothered by rocks then she needs to always walk through the water find the best path through and throw out any large rocks in the way. I thought that was So facinating and shows his level of care for each horse.

Fantastic end to a fantastic clinic.  Amy from Moose on the Loose had her post about the clinic posted on Eventing Nation, which was super cool.  It was the post that I gave the link to previously.  It fired off quite the debate on EN which as Amy stated got people thinking about their riding.  Like Peter or not we have to agree that getting our minds working about our riding is always good!  I hope you enjoyed the clinic.  It was no small feat to upload and post all of the info but worth it if it was helpful to others.


  1. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to post these. I watched every one of them, enjoyed them and learned something. One of the big ones for me was banks. The difference, both here and on dry land, between kicking them into a jump off of the bank and the flat footed landing of a launch off a bank was eye opening for me. I have nearly been jolted into the air by that hard landing so many times and no one has ever said...just kick! Thanks!

  2. THANK YOU Amy Grayson for sooo much sharing! I hope all those videos Dorie helped you with at camp came in as handy for you.

    Nice to see the ending when D got her nerve back. Starting the xc school with the yellow beahive skinny didn't seem fair since it wasn't set up to school at first - with rails and coaching. That's not a normal fence. D lost her confidence there. Only one of the riders in the group had ever schooled that fence before, at a clinic there in Sept. But that is what she's there to learn about. It did rattle her tho. She has done a normal brown wooden skinny and that wasn't a problem.

    We're headed back down there this coming Sunday to lightly school the ones that she needs to repeat, then go trail riding out back up in the hills.

    I plan to set a X rail jump several strides before the yellow skinny to make it a jump to another jump effort. It sets up the idea. And school those 'new smelling' barrels! That happened to the horse at HHP when they had freshly stained the square log jumps. Now we hear "KICK" loudly in our heads!

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of these and share your thoughts and comments. I found all of them really informative... especially kicking into and out of jumps... who would've thought? :)

  4. Hating boots as in boots on the horse? Hmmm interesting............if I'm understanding that correctly. When Laz and I went trail riding (the closet thing to XC in our world) I left his legs unbooted (not to get confused b/c he was Easy Booted on hooves) but I preferred it when walking through brush, etc in case he were to get tangled..but then 2nd guessed myself as we stepped over logs.

  5. Also..can I just say that I LOVE that Peter was concerned for the barefooted horse and gave the responsibility back to the rider to protect him. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  6. I am SO glad you all enjoyed and even learned from the videos makes it all worth it!!

    Joan, you are so very welcome. The video's you and Dorie took for me were priceless and I have watched them so many times. So thank you!!!

    Yes he was referring to boots on the horses legs. I had never heard that before either and almost every single horse I see go XC has boots on so I was pretty confused.

    I totally agree about the concern about the barefooted horse. Very cool of him.

  7. That's not the first I've heard about boots not being liked, although it does seem everyone wears them. I don't know why you'd put boots and not shoes on? Isn't it basically the same premise? They don't wear boots out in nature?

  8. Just to be clear Peter was referring to booting legs not feet.

  9. I'm not a jumper and probably never will be, but I really did enjoy these videos. It's so much fun to learn about it even if I don't ever plan to do it. :) I like that her horse was barefoot and that he didn't put her down for it or tell her it "just isn't done". Go barefoot movement!!! Thanks for all of the great posts and videos Amy. We really enjoyed them.


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