Monday, November 21, 2011

A Christmas wish.

A little girl not far past her 5th birthday standing in line, curiously watching as one by one the children in front of her walk up and jump into this curiously looking mans lap.  He has a velvet, red suit on and a long wirey white beard, big black belt and grin on his face.  She is told he is Santa and if you have been good he will bring you what you request on Christmas morning.  Her Father nudges her, encouraging her to take her turn on the friendly looking mans lap.

She shyly climbs up and he asks her if she has indeed been a good girl this year.  She quietly replies, "yes".  He then asks her what she would like for Christmas.  After a seconds thought she says, "A toy horse, a halter, a lead rope, a bridle, a fence, a stall, a saddle, a rider............and........a coloring book!!"  This girl is surely a child after her Mothers heart and her Fathers wallet.  Yes you guessed it, this was my youngest daughter last Saturday when her Daddy took her to the mall and let her go see Santa while my oldest and I were at a pony club meeting.  Honey if you read this you may as well give up now because it seems this is a loosing battle, 4 girls in one house all horse obsessed, sorry, it is cruel an unusual punishment for the non-horsey husband/father.  If it is any consolation we love you more than any other person on the planet!


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