Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Practice what you preach! He sure does. And ditches.

I can watch this over and over and over again.  It gives me chills every time.  In any lesson with Peter he is adamant that you praise, praise, praise your horse.  If you watch this video he practices what he preaches.  He praises Henry after almost every single fence.  For all that this man has to think about on a XC course like that, he makes none more important than letting his beloved friend know how good he is doing.  Some links to Peter stuff.  Interview from Eventing Nation, Run Henny Run FB page to follow all their events, Run Henny Run merchandise(which has made it to my Christmas list.  I want the Rolex DVD and the shirt please!) all good stuff and fun for any eventer to check out.

First is a VERY short clip of Peter placing Sara's leg right where he wants it.  It give you the exact place he says to have your leg.

Next is Peter explaining that a newly built jump will most likely through a horse for a loop. They can smell the difference. A few jumps on their way to ditches. A Peter pep talk. On to ditches...Sorry abou the first one I was trying to take off my jacket. In homefront news I am getting very excited about starting the young haflinger in the spring. Gives me something to look forward to all winter! Steady had yesterday and today off which is pretty much torture in this beautiful weather we have been having. So I catch rode yesterday on my daughters horse and plodded around with him for a bit. It was good and I need to remember to do that fairly often. Just like any lesson/kid/beginner horse they can quickly get some bad habits. Luckily he is such a good boy he is a pretty quick fix kinda guy. Then cause I felt guilty riding my daughters horse and she hadn't ridden in over a week I gave each of them a 20 minute lesson before dinner. Great way to spend the evening! Tomorrow I will ride Steady again just flat maybe some trail riding will be nice. I am thinking that my daughter and I will get to squeeze one more trip down to the state park for a trail ride. I didn't expect that to happen this late in the season but I will not complain!


  1. Your Peter reports are very interesting reading and certainly spur a lot of thoughts in my head. I have enjoyed following he and Henny, they make a great team! Things that work and make riders safer and more effective are definitely good.

    There are some things here that are definitely different from what I've observed and learned over the years though, and different from the God, I mean, Wofford school of eventing riding. Which is what makes it all very interesting to me and I would LOVE to see a conversation between the two of them.

    Both have put a lot of thought into their methodologies and philosophies (although obviously Wofford has had a lot more years, LOL) and both expect the same from their students. There is obviously more than one path to the goal and I am fascinated to watch one develop that is a bit different. I am very curious to see how it plays out over a period of time.

  2. I can understand what you mean. For me sometimes it is hard to wrap my mind around the idea that if something I believe in is right then how can it be that a different way can be right too. But I am working on this and am planning to read Jimmy Wofford's book you recommended to me a while ago. I sent the link to the husband for a Christmas gift. I have had the opportunity to ride with Peter and so I think it is the reason I am so behind him and what he teaches but that does not mean that there are many out there that can teach me just as much. I am also a huge fan of Dorothy Crowell yet have not had as much opportunity to ride/audit her lessons. But she is vastly different than Peter. I too would LOVE to be there for that conversation!!!

  3. lucky bum with your good weather. It's snowing in the mountains, which means lots of rain for us.

    I like that Peter praises a lot, makes so much difference in the horse. My girl knows immediately that she did the right thing and will repeat what she did when she gets praised. I think that's one thing your pros forget; reward the slightest movement towards what you are asking to let them know yes! that's what we wanted! this is sasha from ofhorsesandboys by the way:)

  4. Love the videos! Great job Amy!

  5. Very interesting videos. Looks like fun. :)

    This whole fall has been torture for me, not getting to ride at all. :( I'm glad you had fun teaching the girls and riding their horse though. At least you got a ride in even if it wasn't on Steady. I'm glad you're having a pretty fall, enjoy it!


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