Tuesday, November 15, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

You may now have visions of Julie Andrews frolicking through the meadow and the ever so famous song from "The Sound of Music" stuck in your head.  I decided it would be a fun post to photograph some of my favorite things.  I have many many favorite things and I think this could be an ongoing series.  Something like My favorite thing Friday?  Who knows I am easily distracted so the series could very well end up being a short one but here is the first installment.

My truck, matching new blanket and my pretty pony....love, love, love.

Giant pumpkins.

And this adorable little girl in footie pajamas with messy, morning hair <3
P.S.(you may or may not have noticed I accidentally posted twice today.  My last post was about the ton of gravel I shoveled to make my feed room.  If you missed it go check it out.  Blogger is annoying in the fact that I can delete a post that I didn't mean to hit publish yet it does not disappear from the feed.  I heart blogger! ~insert sarcasm)


  1. Oooh! You got the schneiders. Let me know how you liked it in the spring.

    PS Your kid is cute and I'm not even a kid person.

  2. Those are excellent favourite things! Your truck/cover (sorry, blanket :-P) colour-coordination cracks me up. Did you do that on purpose?

    Your daughter is so adorable. Photos like that really amplify my maternal urges ... arg! Must ... hold ... out ...

  3. Man you are good I didn't even tell where it was from. I will give an update on how it holds up. Thank you she is so stinking sweet too, she is just irresistible.

    Kelly I most definitely did it on purpose. My truck is royal blue and I love my truck more than life itself and you can pretty much get any horse gear in that color so I am sickeningly matchy when I buy something new. Guess what color my XC vest is, even my feed buckets..lol...see sickening. And if you weren't so far away I would send my 3 kids over for a bit to help suppress those maternal urges. 3 loud little girls 'galloping' on their hands and knees for hours on end might make you think again. Especially when they make 'jumps' in the middle of a room that you fail to see until you are tripping over it!

  4. Hey Amy, do u know of this blog: http://www.cobjockey.com/p/about-me.html
    She in Indiana and events as well...perhaps a future horsie friend?? :)

  5. Sweet and lovely favorites !!
    I'm considering one.of those blankets too..very affordable.

  6. Hehehe I match all of my stuff too when I can . . . in royal blue!! It's my favorite color simply because it looks AWESOME on a black horse (Friesian lol - someday I hope). :)

  7. Oh I forgot to mention. If you accidentally publish something you didn't mean to (like occasionally I write rants on my blog then delete them because it helps to get it out but I don't want to post negative stuff well sometimes I accidentally publish it instead of deleting it), all you have to do is edit the post, delete everything out of it, publish it blank and then delete the post. That way it's blank in everyone's Google Readers so they can't read it and it's deleted out of your way. :D


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