Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eventers Descend

It's that time of year
Filled with equestrian cheer
Donned in their Dubarry's
t-shirts and hats
Eventers descend like predator cats

We watch as they dance
and gawk as they prance
There's corgis galore
and store after store
by Sunday each credit card sore

Take time off of work
get help with the chores
whatever you must
It's Rolex or bust

Ok I am no poet but in spirit of the Eventers Christmas, i.e. Rolex just a week away I couldn't help it.  I am quite excited and I think after the fog of horse show duties dissipates I will actually be able to enjoy the excitement.  OMG I never knew what it took to organize a horse show of this size but NOW I DO!  Lucky me!  Anyways that is a week of posts in and of its own that I will spare you.

Let's Meet up!!!

I'd like us to plan a blogger meet up.  I know there is always that creepy factor but hey we can choose a public place.  Not to mention the possibility of, "what if we don't get along well and it is just really awkward?"  Ok let's just make sure there is alcohol involved.  Every body is friendlier with a drink in them.  I am going to throw some ideas out there and those of you coming to Mecca next week respond and vote on an activity and a day.

Course walk
Makers Mark tent


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Though I doubt my absence from the blogging world has been all that missed, I shall return, nonetheless. I can spare all the excuses and just sum it up in that I have been pouting.  Let me clarify I have not been pouting when it come to regular life stuff.  As for horse things I have been too melancholy to muster up anything remotely interesting or positive to write about.  I don't care to come on here and whine and complain because that is not my over all attitude about my life but when you ask me about horse things that is the gist of how I come across.  Great things have been happening in my life none of which I will bore you with but also none of which have anything to do with horses.  It's all been more along the lines of remodeling, tropical vacations, amazing children and husband stuffs

I have been watching friends go off to clinics and lessons and south to ride.  Sending in entries to shows and planning out their show season.  Even being the secretary for the a large local CT and Dressage schooling show and processing and scheduling a couple hundred rides that a bunch of other people get to ride. All the while, I have not been able to do a damn thing with my horse.  I try not to let it get me down but every once in a while it does overwhelm me.

Pretty much the last 5 months and be summed up into freezing, gross weather that made riding impossible.  I have been feeding, carrying water buckets, breaking ice off of water buckets and that is pretty much it.  My horse, has slowly but surely lost all semblance of a topline and that makes me feel like crying when I see him.  He is a wooly mammoth.  I did get on once about two weeks ago when finally decent weather coincided with semi dry ground.   Most people in the Midwest lost much riding time and all had to deal with the treacherous winter we had so I don't think I am singled out as having a tough time with it all.  It has just sucked.  If I have to go one more winter without an arena I may loose my mind.

The one ride I did have I was highly impressed with the wooly beast.  He was a gentleman and work hard to stay in contact and use himself correctly.  It was tough for him and I only asked small amounts but when I did ask, he obliged.  I did not canter.  That would be cruel considering the lack of muscle tone he has.  My guess, if I ever get to ride consistently again in my whole entire life(dramatic much?) cantering is a few weeks off.  It may come in the near future but I don't want to get my hopes up.  The weather is finally decent and then came the flooding.  So daily I will be checking to see if the water subsides enough to not slip around like a slip n slide.  It is soon though, it has to be.  So to be continued with much more interesting reading that contain less whining and more riding!

And just because I have no picture involving horses I will add in this picture of me with an iguana wearing a hat, on my shoulder in San Juan, Puerto Rico last week.  Because, well....why not?