Friday, March 30, 2012

We are ninjas!

I so wish I had someone around to take a picture today.  I didn't take notice until I was tacking up that I had a black shirt, black breeches, black boots, black helmet and riding in a black saddle.  I was really close to getting my black saddle pad but figured that would have been too much.    We had a great ride.  It was very windy so he was up and really wanted to canter.  After me having a fit trying to keep him at a steady trot.  I then had a brilliant idea,  "why not let him canter".   Man I am quick.  So we cantered and it was a lovely, collected, uphill canter on a 20 meter circle then around the whole arena.  I think he was just trying to show me that my boy is back!  It was great all around.  I got off and was letting Steady graze when I had the urge to sneeze.  And you may ask why a sneeze would be so significant.  What happened next was one of the most painful moments in my entire life, (mind you I have delivered an 8 lb baby with NO pain medication so I understand pain).  So I sneeze and I hear a POP! and feel a consuming, paralyzing pain, radiating from my rib area, that makes me fall to the ground and tears instantly start falling down my face.   I writhe around on the ground holding the lead rope thinking please don't step on me Steady.  He looked at me took a couple steps toward me as if to say, "uhhh whacha doin down there?" then continued eating.  I eventually made it to my feet put him in the pasture then got the kids in the car to drive to the ER.  By the time I made it to hospital that excruciating pain had turned into a strong ache.  After a waste of 3 hours I was sent home pain meds and some rib care instructions.  I am essentially fine.  I just have a more limited use of my right side.  Well by limited I mean I can't do anything that requires lifting my arm or using muscles on my right side.  This is annoying and next to impossible for me but I can assure you I am trying.  Though my definition of taking it easy is to finish putting up a fence, tear apart a board on a trailer ramp and wrestle out old rusty screws and lift bales of hay, climb up and down from the hay loft and do all of my regular responsibilities around here.  See my husband has many many great qualities but being a decent care taker is NOT one of them so I really have no choice but to push through and make do the best I can with my left arm and for God sakes never sneeze again in my life!

Oye! over all I can't complain, I can still ride and the pain isn't constant, just when I move wrong.  Some fun and exciting things are happening but I won't have time to share right now but here is a teaser.  This is sitting in my driveway right now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Steady Smiler it is and I think he just didn't want me to feel alone in my pain.

If it is not something it is another or then again in my case BOTH!  So I finally let the cat out of the bag that I broke my ribs.  Well I am thinking Steady must have felt sorry for me and figured he may as well injure himself to keep me company.  Or something like that.  I trailered to a lesson today with the Pony Club DC.  It was great!  He loaded great, he was his amazing self in our lesson.  I got some really good, solid points to work on and then he loaded into the trailer like a saint for the trip home (NEVER happens)  all was right and perfect in my world.  It started to go wrong when once in the trailer he peed, weird for him to pee anywhere but the pasture or stall so he must have really had to go.  Then as soon as I hoped into my truck to pull off I hear, see and feel the trailer banging and thrashing.  I quickly pulled away and it stopped soon after.  I am sure it only lasted about 5 seconds but it feels like eternity when your heart is in your throat wondering what damage he is doing to himself and WHY?!

We drove the 10 miles home uneventfully.  I unloaded him and started to check him over.  The first thing I noticed was the peice of U shaped hide missing on his hindend.  Checked his legs, PHEW good there but I did notice both of his fetlocks were wet (remember the trailer was wet with pee).  I felt relieved that the worst he lost was a patch of fur.  I then look at his face and see blood :( of course I did.  He had 1/2 inch wide and 1/2 inch deep puncture wound just above his cheek bone with another patch of hide missing next to it...sigh...  Well I guess it could be way worse but still I hate seeing stuff like this happen.  Especially since he already hates that trailer and he had loaded so nicely.  We will see if it negatively effects loading next time.

Update: Today I found under his over grown tail about an 8 in long scrape down is arse, ugh, oh Steady why must you torcher me so???  It is just hair scraped off but still.  I will spare you the picture since the only way to get a photo of it is to have a close up of his anus which I am sure no one wants to see over their morning coffee.

Update: After letting it sit over night I did not like the way it was healing.  So I washed and scraped off the dried blood and put a bandage over it.  I will look at it today and see how it did.  I am debating whether or not stitches are neccessary.  Unfortunately by the looks of it yesterday it is a strong possibility.  Worst part is I don't want to load him in the trailer to take him to the vet.  That damn trailer gives me anxiety fits.
My assessment of how it happened is that the ding dong slipped slightly with his right hind on his own pee then in Steady fashion got in his claustraphobia panic mode and wrestled himself a bit in the trailer to get his feet back.

Best comment of the day from a lady that in our 4-H club, "well at least he is not really a show horse anymore so it doesn't really matter if he gets scars".  HUH????  I don't even understand that statement on so many levels. 

I feel like my posts lately have been total downers and I do appologize for that but that is reality and that is horses.  Not all is bad so continue reading about my awesome lesson.  I have a positive post in the works I promise.
Ok back to my lesson real quick so we can focus on the good stuff and end on a good note.  Instructor took some time getting me to really use my body for downward transitions instead of my old 'go to' my hands.  Steady and I both really had a light bulb moment and we were getting it and have lots to work on with it too.  Then she helped me figure out my aides a bit better.  She was very discriptive on what exact part of my body I should be using at each moment.  It was very clear that she is very good at dressage up to very high levels and that she knew how to communicate how to do it.  And when I did what she said Steady was quick to respond.  She quickly picked up on my issue with hanging on the inside rein but I must say I am light years beyond where I used to be with it.  Now it is just something that pops up here and there.  She helped me get a feel of when to use a half halt and when to leave him be.  All super things that we really need work on.  We as in me!  I am pretty excited to have a good trainer within 10 minutes of my house!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Have I mentioned here that I have broken at least one rib but my guess is it is probably two?  I could have done it from taking a spill off of my very large horse over a huge jump.  I could have done it while being risky on our quad.  There could be some really good story behind how I have broken the first bones I have ever broken.  But lame as it is, I guess I am thankful it wasn't one of those more "exciting" senarios.  Instead the real story is, I was sick for about two weeks, toward the end of the sickness I would have uncontrollable coughing fits.  During one of those fits I broke my ribs. Who knew that those little bones would cause so much pain, discomfort and problems in my every day life?  My life involves way too much physical activity and most of those activities are NOT good for broken ribs.  Digging post holes, cleaning stalls, shoveling dirt and even grooming shedding, muddy horses are all tough and painful activities that MUST be done.  Best thing is, riding does not bother them at all!!!  So a little catch up on what has been going on around here.

Started giving lessons to a teenage girl that wants to use one of my horses for 4-H.  She was hoping to ride Steady but I just don't think she will be good enough by then to handle him.  Lily is coming next week and I have plans to have her work with her and I told her if she sticks with it that I think her and Lily can do a Green as Grass eventing derby by the fall.  Best part is she works off her lessons so I am getting alot of needed work done around here.

Pony club riding meetings are starting up and I am planning to join as a horsemaster.

My husband has been working hard around the farm.  Cleaning up the property from fallen branches and trash.  This weekend he replaced a rotting corner post.  He did a fantastic job!  Now I just need to ge the fencing put back up.

Not horse related but farm related.  I have a job doing a petting zoo for the local country club on Easter Sunday and I have been on the hunt for bunnies, chicks and a lamb.  Chicks I know I can get at the farm store but the others I am still trying to get my hands on.  I have a few leads and met some adorable little lambies today.  Remember Amy they will be on your dinner table in a few months don't get too attached!

Finally to the big guy we all know and love, Steady Smiler aka The Dude!  Speaking of, what do you all think?  Do I stick with his name Steady that I have used up until now.  I mean there are quite a few people that recognize him by the name Steady.  Or do I change his show name to The Dude?  I love The Dude and kinda wish I would have thought of it sooner so I wouldn't have this dilema.  I have only shown him and called him Steady anywhere that we have gone up until this point.  What are your thoughts?  Ok now on to our rides.  Last I left you I was ticked off at being a cranky rider.  I am glad to say you are all right, Steady didn't miss a beat after that ride.  He has just been on his 'A' game and it is SO fun!  We have a lesson tomorrow with a new instructor.  Well I know her because she is the Pony Club DC for our club but I have never lessoned with her.  I always feel like lessoning with someone knew is so risky.  I guess I know what instructors I like and to try new ones is like a gamble whether or not I will get something out of it.  And I value my lessons probably more than most people and I hate the thought of 'wasting' one.  We will see tomorrow I guess.  I will be sure to fill you in.  I hope to be able to grow up someday and ride like Karen and Hampton!  Did you see her last post?  Da-yum girl you two are looking good!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another downer...but there is video

Just to warn all who enter here this is a good ole beat myself up post and I do deserve a beating.  I am SO mad at myself.  I am 31 grown ass woman and sometimes I still act worse than a 4 year old who has no ability to control their emotions and actions.  Actually I think my children act better than I do sometimes.  I woke up in a foul mood yesterday.  No good reason for it I just did.  I tried to get myself out of the funk but with no luck.  One attempt to get out of it was the thought that if I went and rode on a beautiful day like yesterday that would surely snap me out of it.

Sadly that is not the way it worked.  Instead I just acted like the 'B' to my horse.  In the moment I didn't really see it that way. I was more blaming it on him and taking it out on him but afterwards I realized how nasty I was being toward him.  He is not perfect and he was being a pain at moments but I handled myself like a child and forced him more and more when I know that is not what this horse needs.  He wasn't being difficult on purpose he was just being The Dude and behaving right where he is in his training.  My biggest mistake was the thought to bring out the video camera.  He has been so phenomenal lately I wanted to A. capure his awesomeness on tape.  B. Make sure that the awesomeness that I thought I was feeling really looked as good as it felt from the ground.  C. Capture my position on tape so I can see where I need improvement.  Over all video taping is like my way of giving myself a lesson.  So I got on and warmed up.  He was working beautifully.  Then I had to go back and get the camera.  Well when we went back to the house to grab it Steady was so proud of himself and figure he was done.  So to say he was not thrilled when I remounted is an understatement.  Then right at that moment I got a phone call with some bad news.  I proceeded to ride and assumed he would just continue right back with his aweswomeness.  Not the case.  He was tense and being inconsistent in the contact.  He really thought he was done. 

I don't know what I should have done at that moment but what I did do was get determined I was going to push him through it.  Hind sight that was the wrong choice.  To not draw this very boring story out any farther here is the basics.  I proceeded to ride for 30 more minutes.  We were both frustrated and I was being a 'B'.  There was a VERY scary moment when I asked him to pick up the left lead canter and I have no idea what happened all I know is he cantered off on three legs instead of four.  I couldn't tell from on his back what exactly was going on but I knew something was majorly wrong.  I don't know why I did not jump off right at that moment but in my mind I thought he must have just stunned it and not really done any real damage.  Poor logic?  Yes!  and that is pretty much why I am so ticked off at myself right now.  There is video of the whole thing and it is scary to watch.  I can't stop beating myself up over the fact that I kept riding.  Not only kept riding but rode him fairly hard and he was already tired.  He seemed to sort of work out of it and there are NO signs of any damage today, thank God.

Here are a couple videos and still from yesterday.  Steady is just a gorgeous athletic being and I hope and pray he will forgive me for my idiocy.  I will spare you the gimping 3 legged canter video but assure you he does seem fine. BTW the constant clicking is the electric fence. The camera is sitting on a fence post.

Stretchy walk.

His lovely trot.

His awesome canter has returned. Notice 20 meter circle and he can hold his leads again!

P.S. For all who were concerned Steady seems to be eating normally agian!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not all is good.

It is of course to good to be true that everything would go just amazingly and perfectly smooth.  I think that would defy some unwritten rule of horse ownership.  If things are going great, just wait a minute and something will happen.  So after many positive posts there has to be a down side right?  Well training is still amazing and wonderful and all those other mushy adjectives.  The Dude is building up his fitness.  Our canter circles are getting smaller and he is able to not flip flop his leads.  He is completely sound.  The suspension that horse has is outstanding.  He just floats.  We are ready for a lesson and the next step in our training.  I just need to decide who and when that will be.  Okay, now on to the not so good part.

My horse won't eat!  I have no idea what his deal is.  It started about a week ago he started loosing interest in his grain and I started to wonder if he was eating very much hay.  Then it got obviously worse after his vet visit.  Which I figured was pretty normal with vaccinations and such but we are 4 days out and it hasn't improved dramatically.  I decided to seperate him in the other pasture so I could be more accurate about how much exactly he was eating.  He picks at his grain and over an hour or two he will finish what normally takes him 20-30 minutes.  And he really just picks at his hay.  He will wander out and eat grass here and there but not really a constant grazing.  He acts otherwise perfectly fine. 

So the list starts running through my head.  Ulcers?  Worms?  Other mystery illness?  I am not sure what his deal is but I am not one to go running to the Dr. every time my children get a fever or a cough or even an ear ache.  A good example is I broke at least one rib last week and have yet to seek medical help, my body will heal itself as long as I am careful to take care of it.  I have alot of faith in God's creation to heal itself in alot of cases.  So if I am that way with my kids you can probably guess I am that way with my animals.  So we won't be rushing off to spend hundreds on ulcer treatments or vet bills.  We will watch and see.  I will continue to worry about him and keep an eagle eye on his every move to make sure he improves.  I do think he will be just fine and it is all going to work itself out.  Though I don't rush to seek medical attention I have no issue in giving something to help with pain, tylenol for kids for example and I may try a little bute for the big Dude.   My biggest frustration with all of it is...his hoo...I am so worried at this rate all that we have worked for and made such massive improvements is going to disappear in a matter of a few days. I said it was bound to happen.  I mean things were go to well.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Defining awesome!


1.  My ride yesterday
2. My freaking rock star horse!
3. The weather this week
4. The vet saying, "You have yourself a sound horse"
5. This cartoon (I edited this post to add this because it fell under the category of awesome!)
The ride!  It has been great.  It is like all the time off we have had Steady has lost nothing.  And gained the starts of what appears to be a top line!  Say whaaaa??  You read that right.  It is true.  He has also gained a new start in training.  It is like a clean slate.  The things we were struggling with at the end of last season.  He was getting ticked at me for insisting on contact.  That is gone and the contact is just there.  He wants it and searches for it when it is missing.  The topline is allowing him to round his back much nicer than before.  We even did shoulder-in in both directions yesterday.  He still lacks the strength behind to canter on a 20 meter circle.  Every time I try he throws a "B you betta reconiz" buck at me and I let it go.  I know he just absolutly needs back end strength to pull out his super awesome fancy canter and I need to give him the time to build it up.  I need to remember to NOT rush him into it and the it will come again.  So we now just canter in a large area around the pasture and let him build some fitness back.  The stretching?  His new favorite thing.  He does it, he wants to do it and we have been able to get it at a trot.  Not as consistent as at the walk but still can get it. 
The horse!  He is truely amazing to me.  His abilities are so great and he is really coming into his own.  He of course has faults but don't we all.  But I understand his faults and know how to deal with them in a way that makes him flourish and that is an amazing thing.  It has only taken 2 full years but his body condition is finally becoming healthy.  All the worry, stress, money and everything else I have poured into and over this horse.  I really think the thing he needed the most was time.

Here he is last summer

His ars is skinny.  He is lacking some serious topline. 

Here is today

It may be hard to see in these photos but in person the difference in his topline is incredible. He actually has meat on is back and but now.

And here are a couple more just because it is my blog and I think my horsey is purtee.

The weather!  Wow!  I don't know how long 70's and sunny in March in Indiana can last but I do know that I will take advantage of it while it does.
The Vet.  I trailered Steady to the vet today and he got a good work up.  Soundness check and I heard every horse owners dream.  "You have yourself a sound horse"  Ahhhhhhh I could listen to that all day.  Accupuncture was next with moxibustion needles that heat up in his muscles.  It was facinating to see my horses back with smoking needles coming out of it.  Before he began I asked the Dr. if the needles usually bother horses.  He said no they really don't.  Well about 3 minutes later when Steady tried to high tail his ass out of the building when he started sticking him with needles.  The Doc decided to give him some  Leave it to Steady to prove the vet wrong.

Is this not one of the craziest things you have seen?  I had to snap a picture of my horses back smoking.
Then vaccinations, coggins and dental work.  Same thing with the dental work.  Normal dosage of sedatives don't do enough to relax the big guy and he then got to be blindfolded for it.'s the big scary, blind, metal mouth.
I really like my vet and I also love the fact that they let me hang around and get Steady's mane completely pulled while he was still sedated.  YAY!  I have never been able to do a full pull on him because HE HATES IT!  I don't care who you are and how many times  you tell me they don't feel it, I won't believe it.  He HATES it so I don't do it except for 5 pulls at a time and that is only if I don't care if I tick him off (never before a ride).  So about an hour and half later we have this!  A lovely pulled mane.  I hope that I can keep up with it with a few pulls here and there and also he gave me some stuff to chill him out so I can get it done at home!  I can't show up to the Horse Trials with a whacked off mane like I usually have.

Best picture I could get of it between him not cooperating hand the wind.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is a huge proud Mama post.  It was Quiz Rally for Pony Club last Saturday.  I was really bummed that I was too sick to go along with the group.  But one of the club Mom's said she would take Elaina so at least she didn't have to miss it.  We thought about her throughout the day, wondering how she was doing.  She left the house at 7 am and returned about 7 pm.  She was tired but too excited to show it when she got home.  She came in sporting her PC team shirt, team jacket, her new breeches, boots and a couple fancy ribbons!!  Just seeing her beaming with pride in herself was what every parent wants to see in their kid.  It is just icing on the cake that it is all horse related stuff that she loves so much.

She came home with a team Blue Ribbon!  And she got a personal 6th out of 13!  So proud of my girl that she really knows her stuff!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On Cloud Nine!

Major, major m.a.j.o.r. break through today.  I am simply giddy, on the inside.  Still haven't gotten to ride much because of this insane weather.  If you hadn't heard we had some wicked storms pass through Indiana and we definitely didn't get the worst of it where I am.  A couple towns in Southern IN got pretty much wiped off the map.  It is so very sad.  Though we didn't get hit like that the weather has still been very bi-polar.  All that to say riding is hit or miss so I wasn't sure what Steady was going to be like during our ride today.  Over all he was OK.  He only threw a few antics in here and there but something about being on that horses back is a very secure place for me.  Even with all of his hot, wild moments for what ever reason I feel so secure on him.  I planned for our ride to keep it mostly walk with a few trot sets thrown in but when he kept insisting on breaking into a canter and the canter was collected and smooth I figured I would just go with it.  Ohh I love his canter.  I kept it short though cause the boy is outta shape.  All that was fine and dandy but now lets get to the reeeeeally good part. 

I am not sure if I expressed on here enough how frustrating it has been for me that I have never been able to get Steady to stretch down at any gait.  I think I have mentioned it on more than one occasion.  It was also the entire purpose of the last lesson I took.  And during the lesson though I was completely capable of getting the lesson horse to stretch down I didn't really know how to translate that into getting my hot OTTB to do it, while riding in an open field(remember I have no arena).  Well I could not be more elated to announce that I got Steady Smiler to STRETCH DOWN!!  Not just once but over and over and over again.  For about 20 minutes I concentrated on going different directions, collecting then releasing and over and over I was able to get him to do it.  Once he finally figured out that I wanted him to do it he was loving it!!!  Some stretches had his nose to the ground.  Each time I asked and he did it I got higher and higher on cloud nine.  This has been our biggest down fall in dressage tests.  A big down fall and a collective to boot and we got it!  It isn't perfect and he tilts his head half the time and that should be corrected and I know can be with work.  He over all has a head tilting problem when he is out of shape and out of practice so I think it will work it self out like it has in the past.  He did it!  He did it!!  He did it and he liked it!  He did it and it wasn't just a fluke I made sure of that.  WE did it and though without the training I have recieved I wouldn't have been able to do this on our own I did accoplish this without someone standing there helping me every step of the way.  I DID IT!  I am on cloud nine and I like it up here!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Say No!

The story about how I didn't almost buy an Andalusian today.  Just Say No!  The catch phrase that is proclaimed at school conferences and it is usually refering to saying no to narcotics.  But addictions can take on all forms and my drug of choice just happens to be horses.  I figure if it is an addiction that promotes happiness, physical fitness and being outdoors then I am just fine with it.  But there is a fine line between being in control of the addiction or it controling you.  I am sure we all know someone who lets their addiction control their health, finacial wellbeing and relationships.  There has to be a balance and it is a very hard balance to keep.  It is easy to say YES to something you love so much.

All that to get to today's story.  I get a text from a friend saying she has an aunt wanting to sell a horse.  With a little communtication back and forth I found out it was a 15.2 hh, Andalusian 7 yr old mare.  She has had training in dressage but by a privious owner and since has just been trail ridden.  It was enough to perk my interest.  Not that I need another horse but for the price she was asking I thought it was worth checking out.

When we got there the place was a dump but the horse was in fair condition.  Her weight was healthy enough she just lacked muscule.  She was built well and completely sound.  Her coloring was flea bitten gray with a pretty long white mane(mind you in IN in the muddy winter she was dirty).  They had her all tacked when I got there in their western gear.  I attempted to ride her in it but I ended up switching to mine to actually be comfortable and to see how she went in just my eggbutt snaffle as opposed to the thomthumb she had her in when I got there.  I struggled to get her to give to the contact and accept the bit.  She was obviously fighting the bit but I could tell in her fighting that she knew what I wanted from her and she was just not going to give it.  It took me nearly 30 minutes of being on her and I finally got her to give to the contact.  She immediately rounded her entire back and became supple but then it would last a few moments the it was back to fighting.  So I knew she knew what she was doing but for one reason or another was struggling to give it to me.  I think it had mostly to do with the people that own her now don't have a flipping clue what she is capable of.  The woman is enormously fat and I doubt she has any riding ability besides being so damn fat the horse can't do anything but slowly walk forward so she stays on.  I am sorry if that was mean but it is the truth.  Then it happened, she gave to the contact, rounded her back and moved forward.  She was inconsistent and crooked but I really felt there was so much potential there.  After only a few minutes of her giving me lovely contact I let out the reins and she immediately stretched down and she REEEaaly stretched down.  Nose bobbing just above the ground.  It was so cool.  I had never been on a horse that did that.  It was then that I knew for sure she had done this before and done it many many times.  Considering that who know the last time someone had ever worked with her.

Per the current owners blabbing she swore up and down that she saw her only 3 weeks ago being ridden by someone who had her Piaffing and levade.  Personally I feel the woman herself is full of crap but honestly would not be surprised if the horse did do it.  I felt like she had training that I did not have the ability to tap into in that situation and time and that she needed some work to bring it out again.  But in the end, sad as it may be to leave any horse in that womans care let alone a horse with that much potential, I walked away.  I said no thanks and good luck.  If only I had the time and money I would have not hesitated to take her home and work with her.  But time and money are in short supply and I have a horse at home that needs all the attention I have to give to training and I am taking on that hafflinger very shortly, my hands will be full.  But I cannot help but let it bug me that that cute little mare is rotting away at that greedy woman's dump.  Yikes I must be in a foul mood because I am usually not that mean to people but this woman got under my skin.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Because patience is not a virtue that I possess. I've got some BIG news!

I know, I know 3 posts in 3 days but I just cannot help myself.  First off my business is getting off the ground quite nicely.  Now it is not as completely consuming as getting things started was.  I sent out my first order form last week and the orders exceeded my expectations by double!  So that is great and next week will be hectic since it will be my first delivery.  As for the moment I actually have a few minutes to do things like clean my house, do dishes, ride and BLOG!  Ok now on to what this post is really all about....

In thinking and making plans for the up coming season over the past few months I stated my big goal this year was to compete at BN in a recognized HT.  I had thought that it would probably be closer to the end of the season.  Well I think plans have changed and I am getting pretty excited and I think it is about time.  After two years of training I don't think it is that far fetched to push ourselves a little out of our comfort zone.  So do you want to hear the big plans?

I am setting my sites on competing at the IEA HT June 1st and 2nd!!!  I kind of put that one out of my mind orginally because when I volunteered at that show last year it just seemed way out of my league but the reality is, it is not.  We competed at HHP last year and would have gotten the best dressage score had I not fouled up and gone off course in a division that was, in my eyes "out of our league" competing against proffessionals.  That same weekend we did about 6 stadium rounds with only one refusal and one rail and that was in the first round.  Mind you we had never done a stadium round before at that height.  Even with that we recieved 4th place out of 11!!  In the 5 other rounds it was like he had done it his whole life.  That same weekend we schooled XC for the first time and he didn't bat an eye at a single thing.  So what in the world would be holding us back from a HT at BN?  The only thing that I can think of that would be holding us back is me and now why would I want to do that?

So there it is, it is out there.  It is big stuff for us and there will be a huge amount of competition but I am confident that no matter what it will be fun and confidence building for me and Steady.  I am SO excited!!  Now comes all the work to make it happen.  There will be lessons, XC schooling and alot of work but all work that I LOVE to do, so bring IT!!