The Horse(s)

Steady Smiler is the main character in this story.  He is  a 16 year old American bred, Canada and America raced Thoroughbred.  He is out of Song and a Smile, by Repletion, by Alydar.  He had 75 starts with 8 wins, 9 place 10 show and winning $322,000.  He made a great race horse and he makes a kickass event horse!  He is all sorts of amazing! 

Though Steady would like to take all the lime light we must mention that there are also other horses and animals on our farm.  Lily the Haflinger, Penny the Welsh Pony and Lego the Clydesdale Cross.  Garfield, Pickles and Kitty are well the cats. And don't forget Moonlight.  Though not on our farm right now was my daughters first horse and he is a gem and will most likely be returning to our place in the spring.  He is on vacation right now at my parents amazingly gorgeous farm in Michigan. 

Lily, Penny and Lego make their appearance on this blog on a regular basis.  They are my 3 daughter's horses.  The kids are very involved in Pony Club and they all do Eventing and trail ride and other various activities. 


  1. Lily sounds like my Shy! Sweet, willing, but always testing. I have seen a few Haflingers event, they seem to really love it!!


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