Monday, March 23, 2015

Time to eat the elephant.

The idea of writing a blog post after so much time away with so many things happening in life is overwhelming.  I put it off and put it off some more but it is inevitable I will make my way back.  So I need to start somewhere.  I am taking my first bite of the elephant.  Warning this may not be pretty.  All the thoughts, all the things spilling out all at once.  It is just gonna happen so if you can't handle the ramble you may want to come back after I graduate, no start my business, no wait my writing has always been equally atrocious so if you aren't into bad grammar, and random thoughts you most likely do not enjoy my blog.

Horse related stuff:

This one is easy peasy. 

See it's done.  Yup blank space, that is all.  All horses are alive and well.  Had a minor blip when the precious grey pony decided she wanted us to meet the vet the very first day we moved to our new farm and colicked.  Though terrifying after about 48 hours she finally pooped and then wondered what all the fuss was about.  Gawd Pony don't scare me like that!

Life related stuff:  (move along if you aren't into life updates.  Its about all I've got right now since the horse action is nonexistent.)

I graduate from massage school in 3 weeks then I am off to Washington D.C. for a couple weeks of specialized training in Equine Sports Massage and Human Thai Massage.  Then school is done for a while.  Then I have to focus on the "rest of my life" part.  We'll see how that goes.  But here's hoping for more time and more money to ride, take lessons and compete.  I can hope at least.  It has been over a year since I have been able to take the riding thing seriously and that is not acceptable any longer.  I've met my limit.

We moved states.  We live in Ohio now.  Yup two people born and raised in Michigan living in the Buckeye state, oh boy.  Besides their over zealous football fans it's not so bad actually.  We couldn't have asked for a smoother transition in selling our old place and finding a new one. We pretty much moved into heaven.  For me at least.  We have a private 6 acre mini farm.  A nice 6 stall barn, 2+ acre pasture, dry lot with a run in shed with automatic waterer(perfect for a fat haffie) and a lighted outdoor round pen with decent footing. We are across the street from a nearly 8,000 acre state park and 3 acre lake.  About 30 miles of horse trails are right across the street along with a couple mile shared trail system in our back yard.  The only things this place could use is a little more pasture and a full sized arena.  The former there is not much I can do about.  It's the land we have and that is that.  Good pasture management is going to me a must.  The latter though will be in the near future.  If not this year definitely next I will have a lighted outdoor arena. We only have about 3 acres of fenced area.  The other 3 acres is wooded with ravines, stream, trails and the previous owner was a natural horsemanship trainer so we have our own private obstacle course in our back yard which is cool.  Did I mention a super nice hot tub came in the deal?  Oh yes I frequent that.  I actually watched my daughter work and ride the Haffie from the hot tub the other night.  Not a bad life.

OK OK I know enough with house pictures.  I am sure with many of you, like me, a nice house is an added bonus but when "house" hunting I'm not going to lie I always skipped to the barn pictures and description first.  Oh it only has one bedroom and an outhouse, but what is the barn like?  No for reals I think Ryan and I had this argument. I have no idea why this made him mad.  But hey at this point he is used to me and my crazy ways.

So here is the part any of us actually care about.

Six stalls


Tack room.  This was taken when I first looked at the house so it now looks like a proper eventers tack room.

And a few more photos for good measure.

The whole fam at the lake across the street.

View from my office connected to my bedroom

Living room window view

The horse trail runs just past those first trees.  A few hundred feet from my door step.

The round pen.

Picture from my dinning room table.  Can you spot one of our frequent visitors?

Literally my view as lay in bed.  One pony munching and the other napping.

One crappy thing came out of the move.  I no longer own a horse trailer.  Thankfully no horses, only stuff we were moving was in it when the axel broke loose.  Trailer guy said it's more work than what it is worth for us to get it fixed.  We haven't even had a second to address the trailer issue.  It has been sitting at the repair place for a month now.  Hopefully soon we can figure out what we are going to do about that situation.  I have a feeling the money I had planned on putting in an arena with, will now be used toward a horse trailer.  It is hard to complain about something that seems so trivial though and while yes is sucks. Life is still pretty damn amazing so I have not really stressed over it.

I did get to go on the most amazing vacation ever. It was mostly amazing because we got to go to the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida eat, drink and do anything we wanted and didn't have to foot the bill.  My amazing husband was rewarded by his company for doing a great job last year.  They send about 25 of their sales reps each year on this trip and he made it this year.  The best part is they never send spouses along until this year!!!!  Hopefully they don't change their mind about spouses after they see the bill I racked up at the spa!  No joke it was literally in the thousands!!!!


I haven't had a second to do much sitting at a computer.  I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched a television show.  But life is simply amazing, hectic, wild fun right now and I am just along for the ride.

Trying to get 3 kids, 3 horses settled after moving states, school full time, moving 11 years of a family of 5 and a small farm, secretary of a fairly large horse show, leading the entire Heartland Region of US Pony Club I am finding it hard to keep life straight right now.  I do think I need to learn how to say no once in a while though...I kid, I am enjoying all of the things.  And it is always a good day when you can go to bed tired.