Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ready or not here I go....

Plane leave tomorrow morning at 8:30am.  In 12 hours I will be on the plane and this time tomorrow I will probably be walking the farmers market in Grass Valley!  It is hard enough to leave all children of the two and four legged kind and now with Steady and his still open wounds I know I will be worried.  I plan to make the best of my time and I pray he can heal well on his own.  Dang it I wish I knew someone who could handle an OTTB antic while trying to apply medication.  His cuts are still deep and open and his nose bleeds on and off.  But I must go and don't know of any more options.

I am excited and hope all the goodbyes are easier than I think they will be.  I have NEVER left my children for this amount of time EVER.  Not even close actually.  Nor my husband for that matter.  I think it will be good for me though I know it will be tough.  I am praying that this trip will bring me back relaxed and renewed to get back into my life.  My life that has really seemed to take it's toll on me as of late.  I NEED this break.

My friend adopted a mustang 7 days ago and I am so excited to meet him and see him progress while I am there.  She is doing a video diary of his gentling so I have been able to see how far he has come already.  He is goreous!  She has an amazing heart for animals and has choosen to not go the route of children to be able to help animals the way she wants to. 

My children jumped on my netbook recently and cracked the screen so I do not know how often I will have access to a computer or internet.  I will try to update over the trip while things are fresh but we shall see.

Thank you all for your well wishes for Steady and I.  Keep them coming.  And if any of you are going to be in Indiana in the next 2 weeks can you stop by and check on my guy and clean his wounds and rub ointment on him?  I would be forever grateful :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

24 hours later and his nose is still bleeding...

Instead of getting ready for my trip I am nursing and worrying about my horse.  I am almost certain that the blood is coming from a cut in his nose so if that is the case my mind is a little more at ease.  Though I do worry it could be coming from interal damage, but that is a very slight chance.  The flies have gotten so bad today and he is violently chasing them.  Flinging his head and all that and I think that is why the blood is still coming.  I just put him in his stall and put a hay bag in the air so that he has to at least elevate his nose some of the time and it also keeps the flies away.  Just wanted to update.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What am I chasing here? Really?

God it has not been my year.  I have hope things will turn around but right here right now just plain sucks!  Questions keep popping in my mind.  Why did I get into this again?  What am I trying to accomplish?  Where am I going with all of this?  And the big one!  Am I really happy?  To the last question sadly I have to answer whole heartedly NO.  I started this horse thing again because I have a love for it deep down inside of me.  But it seems since this love has become a reality somewhere my happiness has just sort of faded.  Replaced by, stress, discontentment, sadness, and conflict.  I cannot say what this all means I am just writing out what I am feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I am only so pushed to event because I want to belong and be accepted, to accomplish something outside of raising children, something for me.  I find myself trying so hard to get in with the "crowd".  I try so hard to be better to push farther, for what?  For who?  Is it for me? Or is it just to gain respect or recognition?  All of this interwined with my horse.  A horse that sometimes I honestly hate and others I stand in awe of him and our bond.  Though it seems a long time since there has been a positive moment. 

If you cannot tell I am extremely down and though all of these things go through my head it was brought to the surface today by a specific event.  One I don't really care to elaborate extensively on, I just don't have the energy left.  But in short in taking Steady to the chiro today he went ape shit crazy in the trailer.  Bashed the fuck out of his face.  He is bloody, sore, swollen on his eye, lip, check, jaw, ear and nose and one gash on his hip.  I thought of taking photos but don't really feel up to it and now they are all covered in corona oinment so he resembles more of a native american in war paint.  I am exhausted from the trauma, stress and bawling.  I feel bad for him on one hand but on the other am totally pissed at him.  My emotions are all over the place and am thinking the injections did not help with his lameness.  My husband is perpetually pissed at my efforts of trying to help Steady.  And I take off on an airplane in two days and have no one to care for Steady's wounds.  I think I have finally met my  limit.  Oh and to top it all off I have no bute and I know he is in pain.  Ok I have said enough cause the tears are starting to come again and I don't even have the energy to cry anymore.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This post will probably sound like I have ADD which who knows I am sure I would have been diagnosed with it if that was as popular then as it is now.  But all these things are running through my head and I need to get them out.

I leave in 8 days for Northern California to spend 12 days riding in the Sierra Mountains, Tahoe National forest, Point Reyes beach and Empire Mines.  I am sure I will see beauty I have never seen.  I am riding Rex, a morgan my friend is leasing for me.  Rex is currently jumping 3 feet and in training.  He doesn't have a whole lot of trail experience but is calm and level headed.  I can't wait to meet him!  We will also be riding out to a vineyard with the horses and wine tasting.  Which I am excited to do.  We are also going to the opening of Buck in San Fransisco!  I am nervous leaving for that amount of time but my husband assures me the animals will all be alive when I return and the kids are headed to Grandma and Grandpa's so they will be spoiled well taken care of  while I am gone.

I am also having a seemingly regular panic attack reguarding money but what is new there.

The vet said give Steady 3 days off before returning to work and that he would be as good as he will get in a week.  So I really hope I can get a ride in before I leave where I can really feel the difference.  I also hope all this time off will not be a set back for us in regaurds to event camp.   I had a goal to have him fit for camp but at this point I am not sure how fit he will be with almost 3 weeks off the month before.  But I am happy that we can ride in it. 

Speaking of event camp, it is less than one month away!!!  I will have a lesson with Peter Atkins, Leslie Law and Dorothy Crowell each day for 4 days in a row.  All food will be prepared for us by a fabulous cook and I am much looking forward to getting to know the other 45 riders.  This will be a week in heaven for me.  Me+Steady+awesome trainers+awesome food+ awesome people = doesn't get better than that!!!

Free halflinger!  My Dad has this adorable little 3 year old halfy that he just doesn't want.  I had her at my farm for almost a year but I sent her back to him because he wasn't even paying me to feed her while I worked with her.  She was very sweet, she was calm, she has had a saddle and a rider on her back but not much because of her age .  She is broke to drive and will make a fabulous little eventing pony.  I want her for my girls.  Perfect world I would take her from my Dad and train her over the next 2 years and then my daughter will be 10 and the halfy 5 and they can do pony club together.  Sigh, had I mentioned my panic attack over money??  That is all that is holding me back.  Just feeding the little pig and pig she is.  She is also an easy easy keeper.  So I am not 100% decided if I am going to take her on as a project.  Oh if I lived closer to my parents, then all my horses would be out on their 15 acres of pasture then so many of my money woes would be settled.

Steady goes to the chiro on Monday.  He will probably be feeling so good by event camp that he will be a complete handful.  Here's hoping for no involuntary dismounts!

Before and after photos of Steady feeding Progressive Nutrition.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's appointment

I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.  My mind and stomach were all upset over Steady's appointment.  "Had I over reacted?"  "What if it was something terrible that would keep us off all season?"  The day seemed to drag.  I considered canceling but a friend encouraged me that I needed to know.  She was right so I kept our appointment as schedueled.

Thankfully I have a great leg vet only a 40 minute drive from me.  Steady was just fine hauling though my nerves always seem to creep up.   Steady was a bit excited when we arrived refusing to stand in one spot, but what's new.  Then Dr. King did his thing.   Rubbing, poking, proding with an ink pen and lunging was the extent of the invasive(ha) exam.  15 minutes and he gave his diagnosis.  Soreness seeming to coincide with the ground hardening.  We could go into x-rays and all that but he felt strongly that it would just confirm his thoughts.  Steady was a little off on his left front, interestinly enough.  I could see it as he was lunging him on his rubber mat in his place but not something I ever saw lunging him in my grassy side yard.  Go figure!  Injections it was.  Both front cofins and both lower hocks.  $310 later Steady gets some time off and I will hopefully have a sound horse for the much anticipated event camp coming SOON!  He will be ok to ride for a few days before I leave for my trip.  Then he will have the entire 12 days off.  I will have about 5 days before event camp.  That I may get in two maybe 3 rides on him.  Though I will be riding almost my entire trip out to CA so I will be fit.  All in all I am happy with the news.  He will also be seeing the chiro before camp cause I can tell his lumbar is out.  One day I may have this horse all fixed up and then I won't know what to do with myself.

                                                                  Steady's boo boos.

And he looked so good standing there I thought it a great time to do a weight update photo.  Sooooo wattaya think??!!

Then I poor Moonlight was giving me a pouty face.  This is what happens when an 8 year old little girl that has her own horse learns how to braid.  Who needs Breyer's when you have the real life version?!

Moonlight-"does nobody care that I am a boy??"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Great people!!!

The people you get to know through the common bond of horses is amazing.  Yes there are 'those' that are snobby too good for you types and then the I wanna be a horse person but am an idiot type but there are so many of 'them' that are just plain awesome!!!  One person in particular I am talking about today is Aimee from Sprinkler Bandit!  I have to give her a huge shout out.  I went to the mail box the other day to see a package from her.  Inside were two sets of shims for my thinline pad and a sweet note.  It made my week!  Thank you Aimee for your kindness.  I offered to pay for shipping and she kindly refused and challanged instead for me to pay it forwad.  Aimee I intend to do just that, I will have my eyes pealed for the opprotunity to be the blessing to someone else that you have been to me.

On a not so upbeat note I am a nervous wreck about out vet appointment tomorrow.  I am praying that he will find out what is going on with Steady and that he will be able to continue working.  So please pray, cross your fingers, send good vibes or whatever you like to my Steady man and our appointment tomorrow at 2:30.

You guys are awesome and I look forward to every comment, tip, advice, encouragement that you offer.  When I started this blog I never knew that I would get to 'meet' such amazing people!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

IEA day 2&3 XC baby!

Quick update on Steady's freak out.  Since blogger refuses to let me comment on my own blog.
I checked on him this afternoon and all legs look fine he is acting normal which is all relieving. I have an appointment with from what everyone says the vet to go to for legs on Tuesday. I know that the leg problems were not caused by this craziness but I have to think that it contributed. Simply because if he knows getting riden hurts it would make him on edge during saddling. I know I did not tighten the girth too tight. I hadn't even tightened it just put it on the second hole. It could very well have been a bug or bee. Though I would feel better if I had seen the actual culprit. But the horse HATES bugs and turns into a big weenie when it comes to them. Though I think it would take a pretty serious sting to get a bad reaction like that. Now I am afraid to tie him though I have tied him for over a year and never had this happen before. But either way when I am getting ear pinning, tail twitching when asked to canter and cross firing when cantering something must be done. I have heard from lots of people that this vet is amazing and I am hoping he can find out what is going on with my guy.  I will update as I know more.  As of now we may just do some longing at a trot but that is about it.  But damn is he starting to really look good.  And if you are the praying type I wouldn't mind a prayer sent up that Steady will be sound enough to ride in event camp.  Otherwise that money will be lost not to mention how much I was looking forward to it.

Up on Saturday at 4 am followed by the 2 hour drive.  You should see my sleepy eyed horses when I go out that early.  They are very confused why Mama is up and moving.  I snuck in just when the days briefing began.  We got the run down from the technical delagate and hitched a ride on a golf cart to our post for the day.
Saturday was Prelim/Training XC day and I was jump judging on jump 6 with my good ole friend Susan.  What a fun day!   We chatted and sat in awe of some of the horses/riders.  Chatted and some horses/riders a bit out of control even one rider that seemed extra spur agressive.  We changed jumps 3 times for different levels.  We were at the palisade for prelim and T3D.  Then for training we were at a combo log-ditch-log.  All day all clear on our jumps.  Though we could hear over the radio when troubles arose.  Jump 10 and 8 seemed to be the main prolem areas and for good reason.  That evening they have a competitors party and we were given a ticket as volunteers!  I got to eat dinner with some facinating ladies including Lee Ann Zobbe, Mary Tinder and Lani Gilliam.  After helping to clear tables and chairs from the party I snuck in on a golf cart and tagged along with Lee Ann and her students for their course walk drive!  That was awesome.  Since I didn't even get to see the entire course yet and then I got to see it the easy way.  And over hear her coaching, awesome!

My plan Saturday night was to sleep in my truck anything to avoid another 4 am morning followed by a 2 hour drive.  Though I asked if I could park near Lee Ann and Mary's campers just to be near people I knew.  Later that even a storm blew in and I was offered by Mary to share her bed in her camper.  I accepted her offer and spent the night ours with her and a lovely Jewel laughing telling stories and finally well into the AM we finally all shut up and fell asleep.  I was awakened the next morning  my Mary with coffee and breakfast.  Mary was an amazingly kind, generous, sweet, positive and uplifting person.  I am still in awe of her and very grateful for her kindness.  She is the oppitomy of what people say about the eventing crowd.  If I didn't ride in eventing I think I would still come to these events and volunteer just to hang out with these people.

I hopped out of bed at 7:25am threw on my cloths and popped over to Sunday's briefing by 7:30!  Sunday was Novice, N3D and beginner novice XC.  I was at jump 11 Mary's sunrise and today I was manning it by myself.  I have to say I didn't mind the alone time.  Though Mary swung by a few times to keep me company.  We were really taken care of as volunteers and it was such a great experience.  Again everyone was clear on my jump.  The day went smoothly.  I dreamed about the day(maybe soon) that Steady and I will be on this course.  Though it would be a hard decision between riding and volunteering.  When the day was done I didn't hesitate jumping in my truck to head home though because I was sweaty, dirty and tired. I never mentioned the heat, whew!  Saturday was the worst with highs I think in the upper 90's yowza.  I was ready to get home to the family.  Once again dinner awaited me on the table I and my heart was so full from the entire weekend.

What the HELL just happened??!!??

That was what was running through my head as I was looking at my horse fully saddled lying flat on his side not moving.  (few minutes prior)  The day was going as normal as can be.  I got Steady out and tied him to one of my fence posts just like I always do.  I had all my stuff right there ready to go.  After his bath yesterday he was still shiney and spotless (gotta love a horse that doesn't roll the second he gets put in the pasture after a bath) so I didn't even have to brush him.  He was very mellow and he usually is when all of this goes on.  I put his saddle on, fiddled with it for a moment to check the fit.  He was standing perfectly calm.  I walk about 10 feet away to where my helmet was and started to put it on when I heard the commotion.  I turn around and he is fighting to break away from the post.  He then ends up on his knees with his neck stretch out fighting as hard as he can.  Then he grunts flips out and ends up on his side!!!  With his neck stretched out he really had no leverage to do much but he fought for a second and then just stopped and wasn't moving.  What was going through my mind..."What in the HELL just happened?!  Do I dare get close to him.  Well shit I have to try to pull the quick release knot.  I really hope I tied that right."  I walked up and pulled as hard as I could to try to get it to come loose.  It was pulled so damn tight from him struggling that it wasn't coming easy.  But it was coming loose.  That is when is started fighting again.  I yanked as hard as I could(after the adrenaline rush went away I realized I gave myself a nice rope burn on my fingers) it slipped loose and he was soon back to his feet standing there like nothing happened.  My heart was pounding I was shaking.  He is just standing there so I tried to move him forward because of course my first thought after that was, "did he hurt himself?"  As soon as I started to walk forward he lost it again!  He reared like a real rear I think he hit his head on a tree then he was back down on the ground with his two front legs and seemingly stuggling to get up.  It is strange where your mind goes in a moment like that, my thought process was, "What the Fuck(pardon my mind language)?  Did he break a leg?  He can't stand up?  Shit now I am going to have to call the vet.  I wonder how much costs to put my horse down?  I wonder if he broke my saddle?  Wait he is back up and standing on all fours.  WHAT IN THE HELL just happened????!!!!"  Once he was on all fours I got to saddle as quickly as possible to pull it off thinking that was the only thing that I could have done to cause this.

Standing there with him the saddle on the ground my heart pounding looking at all four legs to see if there were obvious injuries.  Which other than grass on his legs I saw nothing and wondering what to do next.    Well that was the end of the drama.  I walked him and saw short steps in his left hind leg and walked a little more and it went away.  I lunged him for a little bit and I think that there is some soundness problems with him.  I am guessing hocks because he is not showing obvious lameness but something is NOT right with my horse.  I think the lameness is unrelated to his psychotic episode but now I will be putting calls into the leg vet....sigh.  Sometimes I wonder if I can handle this.  I have no hard evidence as to what caused this episode and honestly he scared the shit out of me.  I don't know where we go from here but it wasn't where I had planned to go.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The long format lives on!!

I aquired a great deal of knowledge over last weekends Indiana Eventing Association's T3D/N3D.  This is the first year that Lee Ann Zobbe from Come Again Farms was the coodinator (she is also my most favoritest trainer to take lessons from)  She also added the Novice 3 Day to the scheduele.  It was a hefty bill to fulfill but from everything I saw and have heard it all went off without a hitch and everyone had a splendid time.  It is also a true 3 day in that Dressage ran day one, steeple chase, roads and tracks and cross country on day two and stadium on day 3.

Day one I was placed on bit check and went from not even knowing what it meant to successfully checking each prelim and training dressage horse in for their tests.  So that was a great learning experience.  The day started for me at about 5 am followed by a 2 hour drive a stop a starbucks and some help from mapquest I was there and ready for whatever they needed.  The ladies in charge of dressage said "can you do bit check" and I enthusistically said "sure", "as long as someone shows me how to do it".  I must say that some of those horses have the most wretched ground manners.  Some so head shy I couldn't even come near them.  Others flipping their heads and even smacking me with it.  I would say over half had decent manners and I am thankful for them.  I just wonder how a horse can get to that level of riding and not have at least managable ground manners.  But it was my first time so who am I to judge.  I was super excited when I saw Stacy from Team Taco come up to our station.  I may have creeped her out a little by acting like a crazy stalker fan.  Their dressage test was incredible!!!  And it showed in the scores that put them in first place with a 26.4!  You can read abou their amazing ride of ups and downs at the event here.  Sadly after phases B,C and D that still had them in the lead they withdrew and now Taco is recovering from a SDFT.  It is heartbreaking but also inspiring.

I got to see some beautiful horses and equally beautiful dressage tests.  I learned a great amount and I met some fantastic people.  I got to get a feel for some of the riders and learned some names in the eventing world.  There was one rider in particular that came off as one of the most errogant people ever but almost all were kind and nice people.  The day started chilly and ended in the 80's but my job was kind of cake and most time was spent under a tent just enjoying the day.  I drove the 2 hours back home that evening to find dinner awaiting on table by my dear husband.  It was early to bed for tomorrow was to start even earlier....

Oh no not again.

I don't even want to say the words but I think it may be true.  Saddle fitting problems(I think I just vomited in my mouth a little).   Though I am NOT giving up on the Albion yet I really think if it was reflocked it would make a world of difference.  I doubt it has ever been done and if it had it has been a long time.  Steady is fighting rounding his back and strongly protests making the trot to canter transition.  He seems agreable enough once in the canter but after 30 minutes or so of working I start to get strong resistance to going forward.  I have persued as many avenues possible (not being a vet nor being able to afford one for a very unobvious problem).  No sign of unsoundness and my final assessment was last evening I jumped on bare back and did not get resistance.  Course of action.  Ride bareback as much as possible and I am awaiting some shims from the sweet sweet Aimee at Sprinkler Bandit for my thinline in hopes that may help.  Event camp is quickly approaching, oh yeah, that means I must send in that check!  And we will have an appointment with a saddle fitter and I hope she can get us on the right track.

God bless it all I did not know that with horses came so many damn issues(something I must have been oblivious to as a kid).  If things ever do right for more than a day I won't know what to do with myself.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I rallied to ride after the long weekend.

We are talking waking up at 4 am driving 2 hours and volunteering all day for 3 days straight.  Well I did get to sleep in on Sunday since I stayed overnight.  But dang was Saturday a scorcher.  But more on the 3 day later.  I wanted to post about my ride last night.  I was tired but it was such nice evening and after getting to watch all these horse and riders all weekend I wanted some time with my guy.  I have not felt like we were making great progress as of late.  It seemed that somewhere along the way this spring we have gone a few steps back.  I cannot pinpoint where it was.  We have been fairly consistent in working.  Maybe a week or two off added together but nothing drastic.  I have really stuggled to get him as forward as  I am used to and that brought him and I an entirely new challange.  I have found it is MUCH easier for me to get him to work correctly when he is forward or even too forward.  But when there is lack of forward is harder for me.  We have been working through it and things are getting better but I haven't had a ride in a long time that when I was done I was pleased with the roundness, being on the bit or bending in a long time.  That brings us to yesterday.

After warming up I started asking him to find the bit.  He was lacking forward a little so I asked for a canter and that usually gets him moving forward better after even a short time at the canter.  After that he really stated to feel for the bit then I was relentlessly asking him to be round.  He not only was responding well but just felt great.  He became so round that I could feel him raise me up through his back.  I know he has rounded his back before but this was by far the biggest difference I have ever felt.  At first I was like WTH is that and then I was like ohhhhh I know what that is....gooooood booooy!  With him working so nicely and really responding I decided to push the envelope a bit and go for a leg yield.  We have done them before but it has been a while and I have always had to have strong aides to get him to do it.  Yesterday it was so cool.  I barely had to use my aides and he knew what I was asking for, as soon as I tightened up the outside rein and put on my inside leg he just started doing it.  It felt so cool.  So much so that I said hey maybe we should try another lateral movement.  I have to admit I don't know that I was doing it correctly or even what it is called.  I think it could be a shoulder in or something.  Maybe you can tell me.  Bent him slightly to the inside, slid my inside leg back slightly and gave pressure to let him know I wanted him to keep his haunches on the rail yet move his shoulders to the inside.   And we have 5 or so strides with his shoulders in and haunches on the rail.  Right or not he did exactly what I asked him to do.  We did this just me and him no trainer or even knowledge in dressage and I am proud of it.  I mean I guess there is a good chance I am just screwing him up for the real thing but hey at least he listens as I am screwing him up and we were both enjoying ourselves.  I think he really has a knack for the whole dressage thing.

BUT the boy LOVES to jump.  You know your horse loves jumping when you are trotting in a half acre field on a loose rein and he heads straight for the only 2 jumps that are set up.  LOVE IT!  So I just let him jump.  We were trotting along and he caught sight of one of the jumps and perked his ears up and honed in on it.  He even went for the big side of the log.  Then the other jump was at a 45 degree turn and 40 feet away and he turned straight toward it locked on to it and popped over.  Oh man he is a horse after my own heart.  The jumps are only about 2 feet but that really needs to change I can tell he just wants bigger and so do I.  I need to find some stuff to make into jumps.  I have a feeling that him and I could be close to novice by the end of this season if we were in any sort of hurry.  But I am in no hurry and don't really care to be at this point so we will go no higher than beginner novice this year at schooling shows.  Next year probably hang at beginner novice and maybe do the IEA event and/or Greater Dayton.  I am in no hurry and just plan to be safe and have fun!!!  I am sooooo stoked for what we will get to do at event camp and to work with these awesome trainers!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The quick recap of the weekend.

Am overwhelmed by an amazing weekend!  I met some of the most genuinely kind and down to earth people.  Stayed up too late giggling in the camper.  Saw some incredible horses and riders.  Sweat my butt off and was covered in dirt.  Learned a great amount of helpful information.  Daydreamed about the day Steady and I will do our first 3 day.  Got teary eyed seeing riders and horses get presented with a challenge and maybe even think about hesitating then trusting in each other, landing on the other side shouting "GOOD BOY/Girl!".  Worked as hard as I could to do my small part to make this a great experience for all the riders.  Was amazed by the elegance in dressage then those same horses turn into these fierce jumping machines in cross country.  All  this while my sweet husband held down the home front so I could be gone for a 3 day weekend and even came home to dinner made and on the table both nights I came home.  What a start to the month of June!  And I have a feeling it is just going to get better.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trail ride part 3: Total cuteness!

Mini's crossing water with little people on their backs.  I turned the camera around in this video because everyone was behind me but then the mini's ended up leading us out of the water.  You can hear my girls excitement. After the water you can hear Elaina bouncing and her voice rattling, too cute!  They truely loved it and it is the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have had as a mother.  Sharing these times on the trails.  Even though the mini's were buggers at moments the truth is I trust them with my girls and they don't let me down. 

I think Steady truely enjoys trail rides.  He has also come a long way from last year when it was his first times out on a trail.  He questioned many things, like hills, water and scary noises and now he goes through most of the trails with ears perked and loving it.  He is and never will be a deadhead trail horse, I mean how lame would that be anyways.  I would never trust anyone that wasn't a very experienced rider on his back for the moments that he decides that going forward is not our best option.  Sometimes side ways or backwards or even straight up in the air have been some of his other choices but he is never nasty about it and as long as you are planted in your seat and know how to work through the issue then he is just a lovely trail horse.

Count down to IEA N3D/T3D!

I am excited to be going to a T3D for my first time ever!  Friday I will be a dressage scribe, Saturday and Sunday a XC jump judge.  So citing!  I will be packing tomorrow and leaving about 5 am Friday morning.  Not much to say about it because I have no idea what I have gotten myself into :).  I will have my camera in hand and plan to update when I get home.