Friday, November 18, 2016

No Stirrup November

Look! I got to participate in no stirrup November!   Such a happy day!

It's been a long time since I've had this view. 
I also received the go ahead from the surgeon that it's time to start walking again!   2 months post op this is fabulous.  So I am weaning myself off of the crutches.  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter by the day!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ch-ch-changes: the tack room

I have a decent enough sized tack room.  It could stand to be a bit bigger but it is workable with some creative space saving ideas.  Ideas I've been kicking around for going on our 2 years here.  My plan is to ask for the tack room remodel for Christmas.  I am not sure how that will go over or if it will work.  But seeing how it was going to be my fall project this year and that didn't happen for reasons we all know by now  Then maybe I can work those sympathy points one last time to get this project done.  I have decided to offer a contest for the best tack room design.  This is not an easy task so a measly $20 gift card may not be worth it and I get like 0 entries.  But if you're into that sort of thing, have some creative space saving brain, have had some tack room envy in your life then have at it!

There will be several requirements of what needs to fit in the space.  You all pretty much know all the things you have and need space for?  Multiply that by 4.  That's what has got to fit in this space.

Things to keep in mind in your design. 

I am a everything has it's place and every place has it's thing kinda person. Also kids work better when they know exactly where something goes. 

Everything is on the table.  I will not buy fancy items just for the sake of being fancy but I am not against spending on items that are helpful, organizational and attractive.

There are 4 people that need their own space for each item of tack for their horse/pony.  Saddle or 2, saddle pads, girth, bridle, whip, helmet, gloves, boots/horse and human, wraps, grooming kit and extra tack box stuff, etc.

I am fine with a communal space for things like saddle pads but ideally I would like each person to have a spot for each thing they have. Not sure if it's realistic but that is the goal.

Your favorite organizational products for the tack room.

What you have to work with:  12 Ft long, 6 Ft wide and 8 Ft high.  With a door at each end.

It can be in any format..  If you are computer savvy or would rather hand draw.  Links to items, picture examples even better for this visual learner.

So please blog land I need you show me what you've got!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oversharing; post op recap

My little oversharing series continues.  I realized I never shared all the fun post op photos and X-rays with all my new hardware.

Recovery is coming along. PT was a bitch yesterday.  New Therapist was way rougher on the ankle.  I'd actually like to give her a swift kick, with the good leg of course.  I got scolded for taking steps in my walking boot with out crutches...oops.
When I first saw the repair job at 2 weeks post op.

I am 8 weeks post surgery going on 10 post injury. 

Here is a photo from today.  Remarkable, right?

My surgery actually went very well.  It was longer than expected and they did end up putting 2 plates and 12 screws.

  Geesh!  I kinda feel like they put my leg back together like my husband would have done a remodling project...just one more screw ought to hold it!
Yeah and throw a couple long ones in there for good mearsure.

But I cannot actually complain I have had no issues and am healing as quick as can be expected. 

Getting that dorsiflexion back like it's my job.
Gotta get those heals down again!
Aaaand  just because you sat through another post about my goddam leg here are some photos of the most adorable little creatures ever.

Started with 4 all but 1 found homes and his new Mom is coming this evening to get him.

I really wish I could keep them but I already have 3 cats don't need a 4th.

Mr Moley or Cindy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Oversharing; clinic recap

Thank you all who are sticking with me through this crappy time.  I most likely over share online and question myself on that regularly.  One thing I realized I hadn't shared with you all is the Clinic I rode in, in August.  Get ready for some retro postings!

The Cathy Weischhoff clinic

I got to ride one day and Elaina's trainer gave her the opportunity to ride both days.  It was quite a while back so I can't recall every little detail but can expound on the take-aways.

It started with grid work.  Grid work is amazing, and a fabulous training tool.  Unless your horse absolutely hates anything that appears to be a grid.  Yes that horse is Steady.  He hates them.  He gets very frazzled.  He has a huge stride so making 1 or 2 stride bounces generally set him off.  And they did.  He rushed, he flailed, he bucked after going through.  Then for the course work he was all worked up and was very rushy.  Cathy was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with us.  Like literally said those words, "hmmm I'm not sure what to do with you two so wait for a while".  I love the 

Still in our snaffle.  Mr. Toad's wild ride but nothing I haven't gotten used to. 
Cathy had the silly idea that I should actually have a bit more control whilst jumping.

She then puts a bubble elevator bit with a curb strap on him. I use the most very mild bit you can imagine on him, a loose ring, French link snaffle.  I use it for everything, dressage, XC and Stadium.  The strongest bit I've used to ride him in is an egg butt snaffle..haha.
This is after the bit change.  I can actually see the look of confusion
in his eye.  "WTH do you want from me lady?  I thought we had an understanding.
I run around and jump all the things and you hang on for dear life."

I've tried out stronger bits in the past and have gotten adverse reactions so I was a bit skeptical.  But it actually helped a great deal.  It backed him off a little more than what either of us desired but at least I found something that will back him off, this is a first after 7 years.  He didn't throw any fits but was a little confused as to what I wanted. "do you want me to go forward and jump the things or stop?" 

He never actually stopped but got sticky in front and took some deep spots.  I really enjoyed my experience in the clinic and was glad to find that this bit was a successful training tool.

Still hard for me to believe that in just a few short weeks we went from this...

To this.

Elaina's rides were great.

Not enough <3 emojis in the world for this. 
Thinking of getting it printed on a canvas for her
bedroom for Xmas.  What do you think?

She and Lego are making great progress as a team and when they aren't perfect I have to remind myself that she just got him in April and they are progressing so quickly.

Great team, indeed!

I wasn't there for their XC ride the second day but it sounds like it went even better than the stadium lesson.

 Ahhh I love those two together!

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Remembering the good ole days.
WinJan, my first horse.  We had some good, slightly dangerous times together.  But even at 8 months my 2 point was on point.

In all seriousness though I am healing quite well.  I haven't had any setbacks.  It's just a slow going process when you snap your leg in two.   I am %50 weight bearing which means I can get around most places on crutches alone which is HUGE!  Tough I am still quite limited in the things I can do because I am still on crutches.  I am now in Physical Therapy twice a week for the next couple months.  The Therapist is actually surprised at my range of motion.  I have only lost a few degrees in all directions.  Her comment was, "you know most people would love to have this range of motion."  Um, well I am not most people.  But while I do have a pretty good range of motion considering, the stiffness and pain is still present so it's not comfortable to do it.  It is ridiculous the size of my injured calf.  It has to be a good 3 inches smaller than my other.  Ugh, so ugly.

The good ole days when my left heel went down like a boss.

This was at the Cathy Weischoff clinic I rode in 2 short weeks before the big accident.  God I miss this!  Think my horse has scope?

I was doing some interneting the other day and was looking up injuries in the professional eventing world.  After a little bit  I realized I am in some good company.  Odd as it may be reading and hearing about other's injuries is strangely comforting.  I have spoken to many ammy's with similar injuries.  I have met others who had nothing to do with horses and have same injury by silly things like taking a bad step.  But when you hear that those at the top of the sport at sometimes the peak of their career had the same thing happen.  It just makes my problems seem smaller and it helps.  I think we can all remember Boyd's bad couple years.  In particular the time the he broke his leg just weeks after Silva's major brain injury and weeks before he was set to ride in Rolex.  Ok, Ok yes my problems seem quite small.  Then Peter Atkins already traveled to Europe with Henry and in training to compete in Burghley in just a few weeks and on a hack had a silly fall and had the exactly injury I have.  He was in top shape riding at the highest level and was determined to still ride in Burghley but ultimately when it drew closer had to withdraw because he knew he couldn't safely make it happen.  Then at his six week recovery mark signed up to compete at Luhmuhlen.  After dressage decided to withdraw since he wasn't quite ready and with their dressage score the risk didn't seem worth it.  It is a tough really shitty injury that is recoverable in otherwise healthy individuals but it is just a bitch.  Life just goes on hold for many months and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

I mostly appreciate comments of sympathy.  The I'm sorry's and get well's are uplifting to the spirit.  But one comment I had another mother make to me in a conversation that she was explaining how busy and hectic her life is says, "I could never do it".  Referring to being sidelined for  a couple months.  What  dumb remark.  Believe me if you dislocated your ankle broke both bones in your leg and had to have surgery to repair it with 2 plates and 12 screws you "could" do it.  Not that I was given a choice on the matter.  Again why I stick with animals.

Speaking of animals, all of them are doing well.  The girls are riding and I am even getting out to the field to teach them.  Elaina has been riding Steady in preparation for her to ride him in a lesson next week with a big time show jump trainer.  It is good for him and great for her.  Wild as it may sound he is more like a school master and is teaching her how to ride correctly.  Haha my Steady teaching someone the ropes.  Lego, Penny, Lily are all fat happy and fluffy with their winter coats.  The goats are pretty much always finding trouble and simultaneously providing entertainment.  Not many things in life can be so bad but so funny at the same time.  Hank is great.  Still begging any unsuspecting newcomer to play fetch.  And the cats, they keep procreating.  Yes I know get them fixed.  I plan to but unless you have a farm in the country you will never understand the frustration of people dumping cats and me automatically getting more vet bills  because if I don't take them to the vet and get someon else's  cat fixed then I end up with a million cats.  The end product  is adorable and I usually don't have much trouble finding the kittens homes.  Two are getting picked up today.

You have to admit they are pretty hard to resist.

We took one last trip around the lake on the boat to look at all the fall colors.  I am grateful I was able to get out and do that at least once before the year is over.

I have much to be grateful for.