Monday, October 27, 2014

Hillbilly Desensitizing edited

Edited.  OMG mobile blogger is not my friend.  I originally posted this from my phone then the next day read it from a computer and the ridiculous amount of typos.  I am quite sorry.

That is what we did tonight.   See all you need do do this is for a hillbilly family with their like 35 hillbilly children to move in next door and viola, your horse is desensitized to chainsaws,  lawnmowers,  bonfires,  screaming, screeching, running children, shouting adults.   Prefect. Well almost.  Except for the idea that living out in the country is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful. Despite the chaos next door we had a super super fun night.   I challenged my daughter to a bareback jumping challenge.  She accepted the challenge.   It was a fabulous post surgery first ride.  And E had never jumped bareback before so she was having a blast.
Just a cute picture of these two because, cute.  And jumping bareback and taking pictures or video at the same time is probably a bad idea.

We started with a bitty x.  She asked how this challenge worked.   She gave me a funny look when my response was,  "well you just keep raising the jumps and who ever falls off first loses".  What?  Do you mean that is not some thing that all mothers say to their children?   This is why I am winning at parenting.  Ok there was no falling but lots of fun.  We put up an 18 in vertical.  Once we both got our bearings then it got real.   2 ft then 2'3" then 2'6" then skinny log and we were tired.   We both were equally successful clearing all the jumps.   I then said she won it all if she jumped the 2'3" 3 log stack that has a decent spread.   She again accepted the challenge and like the badass in the making that she is it was no problemo.

Jumping 2'6 bareback for E the first time ever and she was bomb and I surprisingly had to talk myself into the last one on my first ride back.  I wasn't concerned about the no saddle jumping thing but had more to do with my sometimes over exuberant horse and the hillbilly chaos going on just feet away.   But I'm glad I talked myself into it.  The first distance could have been better.   We got a bit of a long one so I needed to do it again.   The next was great and Steady was a saint. E thought the whole challenge was crazy fun and her and Lily were rock solid every time.  All the while the littlest on Penny was having her very first bareback ride.   She mostly walked and then decided she was brave enough to try trotting.   She did awesome.   It isn't easy on a quick strided pony.   She couldn't resist watching Mom and big Sis jumping and stated trotting poles and baby logs.  Badass kids have I.
And the littlest.  Not you just need to imagine these two trotting around saddles and you get the idea.

I am working on the post recapping the crazy awesome Team Challenge weekend.  It is a lot of work to put such an amazing experience into words but I am trying. Promise.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cheering Up

Just a little eye candy for your viewing pleasure.
I hope not to sound whiney, first world , spoiled here.  That is not my goal.  But for the sake of full disclosure I will be plain old honest.  I need you all to vent to because you are the minuscule population that can relate to my feelings.  Because to own horses is to know disappointment. Because you have the non horse people that are trying to be kind but just don't get it saying "awww that is a bummer you don't get to ride in your horse show this weekend.  I know it is hard not getting to do something you want to do."  Really?  You understand what it's like to spend thousands of dollars,  hundreds of hours working, training, planning, preparing for the culmination of one single event then have it disappear for a ridiculous reason?  Oh wait, you meant like you didn't get to go to the mall one time and you were sad.  OK never mind. 
I WANT TO RIDE MY HORSE AT TEAM CHALLENGE!  Actually I want to ride my horse focus on goals,  show regularly and move up levels altogether.   So this isn't just about TC.  I am eternally grateful that Yankee and Bicardi's mom was so super rad, awesome, crazy brave to pull this off with my horse.  So that is not to be confused with my simultaneous pity party.   It's gonna be fun and it is going to be cool to see my horse do each phase from a new persective.  That I am looking forward to.  I hope he is on his best behavior like last year and these two even come home with a kick as story.  I really would not be surprised if they end up in the ribbons.  I have that much confidence in both of them to pull it off.  plus I will be armed with all sorts of cameras to capture every moment.  So there is that. 
But is it possible to be completely grateful and sort of sad and jealous at the same time?  This was it for us for this entire year.  I hate to play the money card but we really just don't have the disposable income for this right now and I was really pushing the envelope entering but I did. The roller coaster ride I feel like I've been on for the last two weeks has drained me emotionally.  I'm over it. To get my head out of thus place my next posts I plan to look forward.   Look to goals for the big horse and the little horse.  Next year there will be no big as school payment and I will be working.   Can you say money to play!!!!????

Ok I got that out of my system.   Now it's on to prepping and packing to go down to team challenge to have an awesome time!   Hang out with awesome people and cheer on Monica and Steady as they kick ass and take names!!!!!!  Meet my weekend drinking buddy and consume copious amounts of alcohol. Go Eventing!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


This blog is in need of a revamp.  So many things have changed since I started writing this blog and I feel it has become this anticlimactic unending story with little foundation on which to build.  For a good story you need a background,  key players, a climax and an end. Blogs are weird in that they don't really have the ending part.  I have been going back and reading some of the very first writings on this blog and WOW is all I can say.  Where we started was crazy and where we are now is both cool and disapointing.

My guess is very few have been here from the very begining.  Nor do you really know our (as in Steady and my) stories.  I write here as if everyone already has a basic understanding of the background story.  That is another strange thing about blogs.  Sometimes it can feel like you are jumping in on a trilogy in the middle of the second movie and nothing really makes much sense.  So I will be in the process of rethinking and revamping this blog. In my post a few days ago about where the readers have gone it took me all of about 3 comments to whole heartedly agree with Karen and Sprinklerbandit that, this blog, for me, right now, just isn't that high on the priority list. I just don't have the time and energy to put in the effort it takes to make this blog really great.  I don't like that because I love this blog.  I love the blogs that I read.  I love the people and connections I have because of this blog. So the idea of it dying out scares me.  I am afraid that if I let it slip at some point it may slip away all together.  I don't want that to happen. I guess I am so surprised I even stuck with this for a year not to mention 4. It would not be surprised at all if it ended up just one of those things I did one time that was cool while it lasted.

So the revamp is my attempt to not let this blog slowly die with my increasingly packed full world.  I have some ideas in the works and one of them involves a cute little kid and her cute haflinger adding guest blogs about their journey together. And few background posts bringing those new to Slow and Steady Wins the Race up to speed with who we are where we came from and where we are going.

I most of all love my few very faithful readers!  You all do not go over looked!  I am thankful you keep coming back for more.  I feel that you are all interested and invested parties in my journey and have been moral support and advisors along the way.  I know it may be weird to feel so connected to many of you whom I've never met (some I have met and are super cool) but truth is that even if I can't explain it you really do mean a lot to me.  So here is to the next phase in this crazy crazy thing I call my life!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Home horse keeping costs, written on morphine.

Edited to add that this post was written entirely under the influence of morphine.  If it makes little sense now you know why.

Well plans are made to be broken or something like that, so they say.  With the minus 9 days until Team Challenge my appendix decided it did not care to spend anymore time with me.  So just a little major surgery to test your true eventing blood.  I am in conversation with the surgeon about whether or not I am going to pull it off.  Right now I have to play it by ear.And I need to dedefinitely find a stronger bit for XC before then.  There is no way I can relay on pure brute strength to keep Steady under control out there.  So give me your best slow the 'F' down bits. But the real trick is it can't be so harsh it makes him reactive.  LAZ mentioned slow twist last week but i wonder if that will be enough in my condition.  Anyone out there riding a over exuberant, insanely fast OTTB XC horse who is also reactive and easily pissed off?  I need help here.

enough about the crap that has totally ruined my week.  I wanted a distraction and thought i would go over the cheap horse keepers budget.  I am the farthest thing from an equestrian diva you could meet.  I require quite little.  I actually take a bit of pride of taking very little and making a lot out of it.  No fancy barns, no plush arena, oh wait no arena at all.  But what I do have is happiness and 3 very healthy happy equines.  I know others do require much more to make their equestrian dreams come true and if someone was handing out million dollar equestrian facilities I by no means would turn that down and reality is when we movewe will be moving 'up' and a nicer barn and arena are high on the priority list. So i am not saying it is perfect and best way i am only saying it can be done.

So here it is. And i have been told that i need to take into account home costs to be fair since they are on my property. Which i don't completely agree with because even if you board you still have to pay rent or mortgage.  unless you sleep in your horses stall then you are paying to live sonewhere.  But my mortgage for a 2700 Sq ft home with 15 acres with taxes and insurance include is $1050 a month. We wouldn't have a lower Morgane if we lived in a subdivision so I am comfortable not including that cost.


Feed $100 mo. progressive nutrition diet balancer, fat supplement and oats
hay $30 mo.
shavings $10 mo.
vet $200 yr
farrier $35 6 x yr
deworming $15 3× yr

Total for the year for Steady is $2120 that is $176.66 a month.

The ponies are far cheaper.  They eat very little and don't have shoes.

2 ponies

feed $25 mo.
hay $60 mo.
Shavings $10 mo.
vet $400
Farrier $35 6 yr
deworming $15 3 yr

Total for a year for 2 ponies is $1895 and monthly $157.91.

With a grand total for 3 equines $334.57 a month.

This is solely horse care.  There is obviously more expenses when it comes to horses when you actively train and compete.  Tack, equipment, truck, trailer, fuel, lesson/clinic fees, show fees, hotel costs.  But that is a whole other ball game and also not basic necessities of everyday care.
Keep in mind I live in a low cost of living area.  Happen to have an awesome Amish farrier that completely under charges for his work. Rent 9 acres of our land to a farmer and trade for hay and only stall horses in inclimate weather.
I am not usually honest with people who are wanting to get into horses about my expenses because I believe I am an exception to the ruke.  I made the mistake of being honest with someone once and they assumed they could do the same bought themselves a horse and cut corners to save money.  Now THAT pissed me off.  Cutting corners is absolutely, positively unacceptable.  I would never sacrifice any of my animal's care to save a dime, ever.  And if I couldn't provide them with the utmost care then I would give them to some one who could before they went without anything.  Period.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

4 year-versary

So this in particular is not horse related but for the few of you who still read this blog I have some questions. I have been at this for four years now!  Wow.  Unfortunately readership has never been lower and commenting even lower.  Now I know the right thing to say here is that, 'I don't care who reads or comments on my blog because I do this solely for me not for who reads it'.  At least that is what I hear a lot.  But the reality is if we wright a blog we do it for others to read and give feedback or why would we not just get a journal and then it would truly be for our eyes only. I know it makes us feel like less of an attention whore but I am here to say I have no shame.   I want attention!   I look forward to comments and am happy when what I have taken the time to write down is actually read.   Now my question is,  what happened? Is it my lack of presence as of late that keeps people away?   Is it that my repulsive grammer has finally sent everyone running with their eyes bleeding?  (see how right there(I did it again! ) I used their in the correct form?) Or is it simpler than that?  Am I posting at the wrong day and time to maximize people seeing my posts?  Is it my lack of time to comment on others blogs and karma is just getting me back?  Come on you blogger geniuses help a girl out. Please tell me how my blog sucks, what I need to do to improve it.  It's OK be brutal, I can take it.  If you need to be anonymous to let me have it then feel free.  And one last question where in the 'F' did this Spanish soccer blog come from that is completely filling up my feed????? WTF? And how the hell do I get rid of it?

I will give you some horse related news to tease you until I can see if there I s possible photographic evidence.   I took the big horse Xc schooling yesterday and he may have made it his mission to see if he could catapult me. And the haffie and elaina schooled too and well you'll just have to come back to find out how it all went. See what I did there?  I just  left a cliffhanger to create suspense.   Hehehe....

Friday, October 3, 2014

15 days and counting

15 days until what could be the most interesting attempt at a Horse Trial we have made yet!  I am going with no plan what-so-ever a whole new strategy. The strategy in which you go to no schooling shows, have like 3 lessons in 12 months, ride a total of like 1 day a week then show up at a hugemongus Horse Trial and watch it all unfold.  Mwahahahahahahaha 15 dayzzz.......

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Training stuffs

I am adding a training update.  There has be SO many this year because SO much training has been happening in my and my horses lives.  If you didn't pick up on it I am being incredibly sarcastic here.  Training has been lacking on the Steady and Amy front this year.  We, for the most part have just been staying acquainted in the saddle.  You know like the long breaks in between any riding happens and then you get in the saddle and you both are like, "oh yeah, I remember this" and Steady thinks, "yeah this is that thing when that lady climbs on my back and flops about and I put up with her flopping long enough and she tells me I'm super awesome and feeds me"  and I'm like, "um my brain remembers where things should be but my body seems to protest every moment and then we are done".  YUP that's what we do peps.  It's incredible. 

There has essentially been one thing I have been working to accomplish all season.  My horse, over time, has come up with this new skill.  The skill is tuck my nose completely against my chest when I do my trots and canters.  I had one trainer make the assumption that, "oh I can see this horse has been trained in draw reins".  Excuse meeeee?!  AH NO.  Never not once, ever, never, ever thank you very much!  Unless the track trainers thought their horses could run faster by adding draw reins to them during a race I am 100% certain this horse has never been ridden in any thing other than an egg butt snaffle bit since the day he came off the track. I haven't used ANY training aides whatsoever.  No side reins, no nothing. I have been the only person to ever ride this horse so it makes it real easy to know what has happened in his training.  So excuse me Miss trainer lady, it has been good old fashioned shitty riding that has fucked this horse up. SO THERE!

Really she wasn't being rude and she gave me some tips to try to get his head up.  Once we cleared up that the problem was not cause by draw reins she then  said she thinks he is just a "submissive peer".  I think that is a good description of him.  Steady is an over achiever, AT EVERYTHING.  He thinks you want something?  Well he'll just go the extra mile.  So you say please bring your head down, and he takes that as, ok if that is what you want and proceeds to put his nose on his chest.  Jumping, Steady jump that.  OK I can jump it higher and faster than everyone, seeeeeeeee! There is a pattern here.  Anyways we went home and tried to work on the homework, unsuccessfully.  So I went to my usual trainer and she gave me some body mechanics stuff to use to get him up, up, up.  Tips like, maybe if you don't ride like complete garbage your horse will go nicely.  And it has help greatly.  I think we are getting an edge over the nose tucking thing beautifully.  It is still a work in progress because now the steady contact is not 100% yet.  But it is close and he has never moved better than he is now.  Here are some stills of a video my daughter took.  I would post the video but even at 11 my daughter has the videography skills of a seizing cat.