Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's happening

I am actually writing something on my blog.  Don't get to used to it because the way things are going it seems it will be few and far between.  I am reading my favorite blogs but even then rarely have the time or stamina to actually comment.  I am so very sorry for that.  Here is a catch up post.

Riding seems scarce.  Someone thought entering into an accelerated college program with 3 kids, 3 horses, 15 acre farm, 2700 sq ft house and a husband whilst trying to prepare to move to another state was a good idea?  I have to admit though I am LOVING learning about massage therapy.  It is the perfect fit for me and I am so excited about what it means for my future.  I am massaging people on a regular basis and even worked on my first horse with much success last week.  I just love getting my hands on peoples angry, stressed muscles.

I did get to take a XC lesson last weekend on Steady along with Elaina on Penny Pincher.  That experience was like an amazing out of body experience.  Not only did I get to have a ton of fun soaring over jumps on my kick ass horse but in between I got to watch my daughter and her adorable pony navigate XC for the first time and see her face after each jump.  It does NOT get better than this people, I am telling you!  I believe she is officially hooked on the adrenaline rush and jumped a ditch, banks, coops, roll tops, water, banks out of water.  It was awesome to watch!  If there was video you would all collectively go, awwwww after each jump because oh my, that pony!

Steady was pretty great considering the insane amounts of rain we have been getting have kept me off of him for a good couple weeks.  He was really quite chill besides a few "steady" moments.  I Lee Ann reinforced and worked on not snatching him up upon landing.  Instead letting go a bit and adding leeeeg and half halting and just "waiting him out".  Now I need about 100 more lessons on this point to develop new neural pathways from my brain to my motor neurons so that out on a XC course I can do this without thinking and instead it becomes an acquired reflex. (you can thank A & P for the medical terms)  Because we all know that thinking on XC for me is not necessarily in the cards.

This week has also been the 4-H fair for us.  Kelcie is still a mini 4-h'er and showed Hank and Penny.  7 year old on most adorable pony on earth!

 Macy showed Hank for the first year in obedience and agility and they did awesome!  They got a 4th in obedience and 6th in agility.  Corgi on agility course=adorable.

 Elaina decided not to do the 4-H norm and enter every single class but instead just show in the things that really mattered to her.  So we skipped all the pleasure stuff.  Thank God cause that stuff makes my eyes bleed.  And just hauled in for Dressage and over fences day.  And then again on contesting night.  She got 1st in her dressage class doing intro test C, 2nd in Hunter Hack, 1st in Eq over fences and 1st in Hunter O/F.
They had their picture in the paper the next day.  Friggen adorable!

 They had the absolute best round of the day including all the Sr. 4-H kids and I am not just saying that because I am her mother.  Most of those kids were down right terrifying over fences and the couple rounds that weren't had rails down.  She ended up wining Jr. High Point Champion for the day! 
Happy kid, tired pony.

Contesting night was rainy and we decided to do the crazy horse people thing and go anyways and ride in the rain.  We only stayed for the first two events because contesting always goes until the wee hours in the morning and having school in the morning it just wasn't happening.  Elaina, the good sport she is, was just grateful that she got to go at all.  She ran poles getting 2nd and barrels taking 1st Oh em ge can we again collectively say adorable perfect pony?!  Then we left with 2 more event to go.
Did I mention we do contesting in full on English?  In an egg butt snaffle, no whip, no spurs, no flailing body parts but instead excellent equitation.  Showin' the big ass bit, tight ass tie downs, giant saddles and monster spur folk how it's done with class!!!!

  The next day I heard word that her name was announced at the end of the night for Jr. High Point Reserve Champion!

The kid won more swag this week than I have my entire life.  She was also nominated for the sportsmanship award, that's what that plaque is.

 What a fun rewarding week for her.  I won't get any more sappy over it all but I'm telling you it couldn't have happened to a more deserving, humble kid who never cared about winning anything just that she did a good job and that her pony was happy and healthy.

That is it on the family farm front.  Everyone is happy, healthy and enjoying life!