Friday, January 28, 2011

Beating the winter blues.

It never fails.  Every year they come and settle in about this time.  I was thinking of coming on here and asking for suggestions on how everyone gets through these cold and sunless months.  For someone like me who would pick to be outside doing heavy lifting than indoors washing dishes every time.  Harsh winters can be hard on the soul.  All the turmoil around here the last month has magnified it all too.  I have been down to say the least and today was my worst day by far.  Add to that that I have not been on my horses back in WEEKS.  Yes it is true it has been weeks.  It has been bitter cold.  Windchills in the single and even negative digits.  And the rare day that it got into the high 20's I inevitibly could not make it out to ride.  And the sun?  There have been very few times in the last month that I have even seen the sun peek out. So I was thinking of coming on here and asking for suggestions and then I went out to the barn to feed and my mood instantly improved.  I realized this change and felt a sense of relief come over me that this will pass.  And I walked into my horses stall as he was eating his food and wrapped my arms around his neck and sighed a sigh of comfort.  That this amazing creature who if he wanted could take me out with one strike of just one of his legs just lets me hug his neck.  Not budging as if he wants that hug just as much as I need it.  I bury my face in his neck and breath in deeply and smell that smell that is undeniably his.  And I just stay there...and that is how one beats the winter blues.  Strike that, that is how one kicks the winter blues right in the ass. 


  1. Beautiful post! I get the winter blues too. I have to take a Vitamin D supplement because I'm deficient. A lot more people are than what they realize so you might want to get yours checked. A morning workout helps energize me and helps a little with my anxiety. Other than that like you said it's the horses and dogs that keep me going.

  2. I'm the same way, and here it rains so much and is dark for so long, a person can't help but be depressed.
    I do ride a lot though, the indoor helps that. We have a gym membership at a place with an indoor pool so we take the kids there on rainy nights, and days, that helps too.
    You're right that getting outside helps tremendously. If it didn't rain so darn much I wouldn't mind the cold and get out more for walks. We've tried the whole umbrella and rain coats thing but we just aren't tough enough for that I guess!

  3. Glad you perked up! I got to see Izzy's cute little nose right before I went home (late) last night, and it totally made my night.

  4. I don't really get the winter blues, but I carry enough crap and stress around in my head that adding icy cold to it can make it seem worse. Again and again, though, caring for the horses renews me. Just doing chores two nights at the barn where I keep Scout levels me back to calm, Just having the chance to feed and care for the six horses there reminds me where my heart is happiest. Remember, winter is a great time to haul in all your tack and give it a good cleaning, too.


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