Monday, January 10, 2011

Well there goes my saddle.

I should have never written it down that I was going to get a new saddle this year.  I should have known better.  So instead of getting a nice new leather saddle I will be getting I shiny used steele transmission!!!  Yay!  I am so excited.  Ok Ok I will lay off the sarcasm but ooff it has been a rough week.  I am sparing the details for you and so I don't have to relive the situation.  I am just grateful to be home and will soon be the owner of a car that actually runs. My transmission is gone in my Mercury Mountaineer and will be replaced this week.  It happens to be in Detroit, MI 400 miles from me but once it is running again we will be off to pick it up.  We are crossing our fingers it makes the drive home and then be taken to the car dealership where we will be terribly upside down in our loan and trading it in for a shiny used, new to me, "Bubba truck".  Yes I am excited and slightly embarassed that I will be driving around a truck fit for a good 'ole boy.  It only makes sense for me to get something that I can tow my horses around in without dropping the transmission on the side of the road.  It will be a 4wd, diesel, quad cab of some variety.  My top choice is a Ford f250 or f350.  Next would be dodge, gmc then Chevy.   Do any of you have one you just love or that you would never buy.  The years and mileage will vary depending on price and dealer but under $20,000.  So though I would much rather not be trading in my car upside down and putting in a transmission I cannot complain.  I am very blessed to have the life I have and a few bumps in the road are to be expected.

So next time you see me don't mistake me for you 3rd cousin Bubba the country boy cause I will be sportin' something a little like this.


  1. I want that truck.... So jealous.

    Not of the transmission, of course.

  2. So sorry!
    Glad all turned out (save the expense) and you got home.

    Well, I'm a "truck girl" I drive a 2002- 4 x 4-Ford 350Triton.
    I converted, right when I paid of my horse trailer, last spring. I love driving my truck!
    My sissy is a"truck girl" too. She has a 2006 4 x4 Ford 250 diesel. I think it's a 7.8 liter. She's been told it is sought after.

    I paid just under $ 10, 000 For mine-she paid $18

    I looked at many, took them all to my mechanic..I bought gas because, though I'll pay more at the pump, at time up time or breakdown time...I'll pay far less.

    Happy hunting! I loved having the sight draft for cash, in my pocket...and the power to be able to walk away!

  3. I'm a truck girl too. Have been for quite some time but I've been told I have "girl truck." That has to do with paint job though not towing power. Teal green with pink and light teal stripes probably does say "girl" don't ya think. LOL

    I, too, have a Ford. It's a diesel crew cab duelly with regular size bed so it's a long sucker but it gets the job done whatever that job might be from hauling horses to hauling hay, to hauling folks. Mine is older but still going strong. It was $20,000 back when I bought it. Still books at $10,000 which amazes my credit union when we refinance every now and then to cover some emergency.

    Have fun truck shopping.

  4. Sorry Amy:( But at least you get a truck out of the deal.
    We have a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 that pulls our three horse with three horses in it very nicely. The problem is that it has no double cab, so we either follow along in our fuel efficeint car if the whole family goes or we travel illegally with the boys squashed in the middle (only on back roads!) we got our truck for under $10,000 a couple years back.

  5. I've got a 2003 Chevy silverado 2500. It tows my heavy 2 horse trailer with my 17 hand horse in it with no problems. So I am glad I got the 3/4 ton and not the half-ton. I really like the truck, but it's a gas guzzler. Ugh.

  6. Sorry about the car trouble and not getting a saddle. :( I guess it could still happen though so don't give up hope. You might get a surprise bonus at work or something. :)

    My brand of choice is Chevy, but Dodge is nice too. I don't know specifics. My hubby is the truck fanatic, but I know enough to like his favorites (I'm just glad we agree hehe). :) Good luck truck hunting!

  7. I am a truck snob girl and I love mine. I won't touch a Dodge with a 10-ft pole, drove plenty for work. Great engine, the rest of the truck is crap. If you go Ford, which is my favourite, find you a 7.3L (mid-1999-2002, I have an '01 F250, aweeeeesome). They're hard to find and worth their weight in gold. F250 and F350 are basically the same truck, 350 just has a beefed up rear end. Run away from the 6.0 and the 6.4L diesels. Chevy's Duramax is a good diesel as well although the overall truck is not quite as much of a hoss as the Ford.


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