Monday, January 10, 2011

What not to wear!

Have you seen the show?  I have before though it has been years.  I remember it including humiliating scenes of women in the middle of department stores having their "mom jeans" ripped from their behinds.  Though I would hate for that to be me it was quite entertaining.  This is the horse girl episode of that show.  "What not to wear while doing chores, in the middle of winter when you have to trudge through melted snow and mud to get to the water trough, edition!"

It was standing between a mud puddle and a pony with a gruby little muzzle that it occured to me maybe white pants were not the best choice in clothing to fill the water trough.  Then I started to sypathize with my DH that has repeatedly begged me to "please stop wearing your nice cloths to the barn".  Poor guy he just can't win.

Then Snappy decides to take a taste of my boot.

I came away with mud splatered up my legs but otherwise unscathed.


  1. Haha!
    White is maybe...not so good a choice!

    I have a bag of "quickchange"to horse mode my truck!

  2. You are brave. I won't even wear white not at the barn :)

    Snappy is adorable!

  3. LOL! I love that show! I'm sure a few mud splatters will wash out. The good thing about whites is you get to use bleach. :)

  4. That is totally me! I never wore nice clothes as a teenager, well partly due to not having the money for them, but also because I was always out with my horses so why bother with nice clothes? Now as an adult, the barn is actually in "town" so I'm always in barn clothes and then my good clothes become barn clothes.


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