Sunday, January 30, 2011


I got to ride Steady today!!!  I really needed that.  It has been a good 3 weeks since I last rode.  Which has been very discouraging to me.  I decided to try to let it go and stop stressing over it but I couldn't help but think about all the progress we were probably loosing with each week that passed.  It was hard to not be discouraged.  Today was a high of 33 and the sun even peeked out every once in a while.  I was not missing this opportunity.

So I started with lots of walking I wanted to give him ample time to warm up and get moving.  Sometimes it is hard to get him to stop focusing on going back to the pasture with his buddies.  After the first 10 minutes or so he started to focus more.  After warming up I was really trying to focus on my position and I think I was starting to feel like I could feel where I should be.  I even found my sitting trot position and seat!  At first when his head was high and he was flipping his nose with every stride I thought, OH great all that progess I thought we lost, was in fact gone :(.  But after about 5 min. of warming up he started to push into the bit and round up!!!  Halle-ficken-lujah!!  He hadn't forgotten.  I shouldn't be surprised.  I mean he is the most awesomest horse EVER!  It was a fantastic ride.  We even cantered a couple times around the ring.  Beside being out of shape I think we will be just fine come spring and that is a huge relief.

I am dying to load him up and pull him to a lesson with my new fancy truck.  But I need some money before that can happen so we will see.  I have the nice truck I just can't afford to use it;)


  1. Happy for you Amy! So glad you were able to get a ride in - congrats - hope it's the beginning of a trend :)

  2. Aww I know the feeling about the truck and no lesson money. :) I just need a trailer. And a truck. And lesson money. Wow, I'm not following that train of thought any further. I have over a year before he's old enough to ride anyway. Just have to save money.

    Anyway that is totally awesome that he remembered everything!!!! They remember way more than we think they do sometimes. :) I'm glad you finally got the opportunity to ride again.

  3. Sounds great, and what a break for you to be back in the saddle again, where you belong. The earth must be titling back into place.

  4. Hurray for a ride! Time off is usually harder on us than on them. Glad you had good ride.

  5. Yea for the ride! To tie into your other post of the winter blues...for me, it's FORCING myself out to the barn (mine is an 1hr one way) to see Laz, whether it's bitter cold or sunny or grey, at least 3 x a week. It helps the blues. Bump up your Vitamin D intake, that helps tremendously! And sometimes (but talk to ur Docter) getting a few minutes in a fake tanning bed, helps with the blues. Random but true. Sounds like the ride put a big smile on your face though, so more Pony Rx time!! :)

  6. Hey, I'm still waiting for some money to get the fancy truck and trailer haha. Glad you got to ride!


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