Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where do you get your motivation?

I am struggling to find the motivation to get out there in the cold to ride.  I have been ok up until this point but I have struggled since I got back from our trip.  I am hoping it is just a phase.  We got a good 5 inches of snow today.  I left the horses out most of the day.  I brought them in about an hour or two earlier than normal.  They had gotten snowed on all day and were kind of wet and had some ice on them.  I decided to put Steadys cooler on him to help hold in some heat.  Then standing there talking to him I couldn't help myself but to jump on and take a trip around the property.  I am glad I did though Steady is probably the most uncomfortable horse to ever get on bareback so there is very little relaxation for me cause I am getting a spine wedgie the entire time.  I think next time I will choose Moonlight.  He is a round boy and he is gaited so even easier.  I can't say Steady was real thrilled but I did manage to get a couple pictures.  Once back in his stall I took off the cooler and fed everybody their dinner.  Then got back inside where it is warm. 

Thats my pretty boy

He was not at all thrilled that I kept walking away but then kept telling him not to move.
"Uh Ma I am not really getting the point here.  Are we walking or not?"


  1. Aww he is sooooo adorable!!

    I suck in the self motivation department! I grew up trail riding so I didn't have anything specific to work on, so I basically rode whenever I felt like it. We will see when Chrome is older how I do sticking with a daily riding/training schedule . . . :)

    I was going to suggest riding bareback when it's cold because it keeps you warmer, but I understand having a horse who is uncomfortable bareback. Other than that all I can say to help you out is to remember that you love horses and you love riding so get out there and do it! I hope I helped. :D

  2. A bare back ride sounds perfect. Clicker training gets fast results and you shouldn't do it for more than 10 minutes, so it's a good, fun winter activity when it's cold out. For riding maybe set a goal that you want to achieve in specific amount of time? Good luck I'm sure your motivation will return.

  3. I do so much bareback riding in winter it's amazing I get anything done... :P
    I set goals for myself... and schedules. Dressage one day, jumping another day, playing in the snow another day...

  4. Would a bareback pad help? I have one I don't use.

    I'm having trouble staying motivated right now, too. It's just cold and yucky out. What's helping the most is setting goals. Obviously, I can't do a ton of jumping right now, but I can commit to riding x number of days or mastering a certain skill (like making Izzy stand while I mount).

    Good luck! There's a reason most people take time off this time of year.

  5. I'm with Carol. It doesn't necessarily have to be about riding. I use the winter days to bond with my horses, spending time just being with them, grooming, touching up ground manners, etc. But I think you did exactly the right thing in just hopping aboard. You both look adorable.

  6. I just try to set a my schedule up ahead of time and stick to it as best I can. I know what days I absolutely can't make it to the barn so I work around the other days.
    Honestly, riding and schooling the kids are the only things I ever stick to, house cleaning and cooking goes out the wondow no matter what goals I try to make.

  7. My motivation comes from not loosing the hard work Laz and I did all Spring/Summer to get him back to muscular and fit. I don't want him to go wimpy loose and not feel strong for his body. Plus, keeping him moving helps his feet grow (to me..is that true?)
    The warm clothes help a ton for motivation too :)
    Steady is darn handsome and so BIG!!! I love a BIGGY

  8. I agree with KES -- I am driven by the need to keep his condition up and be ready for our big move-up in the spring and I know if I don't do the work now, I will be SOL later. But it still suuuuuuucks. It's cold and dark and I whine a lot. And we often choose trail rides over arena work. But even a good hour of walking counts towards fitness.

    On a totally unrelated note (and I hope you don't take this as an insult, cause it's not meant that way), if you would like your header pic resized so it's not so big, I'd be happy to help you with it. It's a great pic, but on my browser, it takes up the entire screen at once. Just thought I'd throw the offer out there! You can shoot an email from Solo's blog, our address is there. :-)

  9. Winter motivation. That can be tough but I find it's easier to stay motivated if I am around the horses doing something beside cleaning stalls or sweeping the barn. Grooming is good and just visiting and hugging on them helps too. The more I AM with them, the more I want to be.

    As for overall motivation, I'm pretty competitive so setting up my own little challenges in my head really feeds that.

  10. You ladies are motivation enough! Wow! Thanks so much for all your advice and encouragement. Really it is a help. If nothing else I know I am not the only one out there freezing my fingers and toes off.
    E79 I am not insulted at all. I am annoyed by it when I see it too, lol. I think I may just take you up on that offer. I have not taking enough time to figure out blogger.
    You guys made my day, thanks.


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