Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goals for 2011

I have been trying to get to this post for a while now.  Well since the last week in Dec. pretty much.  Goal #1 stop procrastinating about setting goals...hehe.  I think I have put it off mostly because it is hard to get a good idea how the year is going to go when I get to ride once a week on a good week.  I know we will have lost almost all fitness (in him. I am keeping up with working out.).  And I know we will spend a good amount of time reviewing.  So my goals may be vague but at least they are in writing.

Get back to regular riding when the temps stay near 30.  Regular riding will be a minimum of 3x's a week.
Work toward being ready for our first show in April.  At starter which involves learning BN test A
That also includes getting consistent leads.
If I am not riding a show once a month then I will volunteer to gain experience.
Lessons once a month. (I wish it was more but financally that is all I can do)
Trail ride 2x's a month.
Attend event camp.
Attend clinic with Becky Holder.
End the year at Beginner Novice.
Enjoy every single moment I get to spend on the back of my horse, goals met or not!

Writing it down makes it more real and exciting so I am glad I did!


  1. Great goals! :) I'm sure you and Steady will rock them

  2. Love your list of goals, especially the last one - which is the most important of all :) Also love the pictures in your last post. You two are so cute!

  3. Those are fantastic goals!! And attainable too. :) You'll do great this year.

  4. Great goals - flexible enough to meet your needs, but specific enough to work towards. I do month to month, but get nervous to write them down for the year. I think I should...
    Good luck with them. I really like the last one and may adopt it too :)

  5. Yay! We should start the lesson-a-month club.


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