Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ch-ch-changes: Farm name

Here we go again.  First it was with the tack room and now with the farm name. We have this entry to our place that is quite grand.  I don't necessarily feel that our 6 acres with 4 horses, 2 goats, a few cats and a dog really constitutes a farm or ranch or the grandiosity of a name to go along with it.  But if you have ever pulled into our driveway and seen the entrance it appears naked without some sort of sign.  There are actually two really great spots for a sign.  The previous owners had a sign.  You can see their sign hanging in the spot that now has sat empty for 2 years.

Then there is that huge over hang, arbor thing that would look amazing with some sort of sign.  It might work with a farm name sign on the posts and maybe WELCOME on the arbor.  BUT the problem with that is we aren't really all that welcoming...lmao.  Unless I know you, you are FedEx or you have given me notice that you plan to come down my driveway you will be greeted with a hello and one of our many guns in tow.  So welcome seems a bit inappropriate.  We also plan to put a gate in and gates don't really scream, welcome.  So we will most like just have to leave the arbor empty.

I heart our entrance so I do not plan to change that.  So I've determined that a sign is a must.  The problem is I always feel I'm terrible at naming things.  My husband is no help and I am not quite ready to pull the trigger on my ideas. That is where you all come in to help.  Help me decide on a name for my farm.

 The only name I have come up with is, Fly by G Farm.  It has a personal meaning but I am not 100% convinced it makes sense to the outside world as a farm name.  But then again does it need to?  It is a dressage reference with a pun on the letter G for our last name Grayson.  It came from a specific dressage test with my trusty, yet exuberant stead, where I commented that I thought I was going to "fly by F" in the test. The person I was talking to said, "that would make and excellent farm name".  And I thought yeah that does have a ring to it.  That is the only name that I have come up with that has stuck at all.

Here is where you come in!  Make your suggestions, ideas and thoughts on that or any other name you come up with.  Then I can put it to a poll if there are other options you recommend.  If any of you have the super power of design skills you are more than welcome to come up with sign options which of course would need horses on it.


  1. HOw about:
    Fly By Farms
    Fly By Retreat
    Hermit Creek (sorry- getting into the not really welcomeing thing)
    Hidden Hill Farm
    Freedom to Fly

  2. Ha I like the name!! Tho agree that it doesn't really need to make sense for anyone beyond the principal players, esp for a small private residence. Nice arbor too!!

  3. Thats funny, our farmette is named Fly By Knight Farm, since my dad was a freight airline pilot and thats when they ship...the night.

    I love Hidden Hill Farm suggestion! But to be honest I love Fly by G haha, thats amazing. I am going to ponder this...

  4. Really like Fly by G and Hidden Hill Farm. Those sign holders are amazing and just waiting for the right sign!


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