Monday, June 13, 2011

Great people!!!

The people you get to know through the common bond of horses is amazing.  Yes there are 'those' that are snobby too good for you types and then the I wanna be a horse person but am an idiot type but there are so many of 'them' that are just plain awesome!!!  One person in particular I am talking about today is Aimee from Sprinkler Bandit!  I have to give her a huge shout out.  I went to the mail box the other day to see a package from her.  Inside were two sets of shims for my thinline pad and a sweet note.  It made my week!  Thank you Aimee for your kindness.  I offered to pay for shipping and she kindly refused and challanged instead for me to pay it forwad.  Aimee I intend to do just that, I will have my eyes pealed for the opprotunity to be the blessing to someone else that you have been to me.

On a not so upbeat note I am a nervous wreck about out vet appointment tomorrow.  I am praying that he will find out what is going on with Steady and that he will be able to continue working.  So please pray, cross your fingers, send good vibes or whatever you like to my Steady man and our appointment tomorrow at 2:30.

You guys are awesome and I look forward to every comment, tip, advice, encouragement that you offer.  When I started this blog I never knew that I would get to 'meet' such amazing people!


  1. Aw, thanks. I hope they work for you!

  2. In my experience the equine blogging community is a really fantastic one to be a part of. :D

  3. What a dear heart that Aimie is!
    The boost is in perfect timing for you both.
    Still praying for the best outcomes leading to good solutions

    Thinline is a great product, fantastic technology. I've invested in that Co. too!


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