Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's appointment

I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.  My mind and stomach were all upset over Steady's appointment.  "Had I over reacted?"  "What if it was something terrible that would keep us off all season?"  The day seemed to drag.  I considered canceling but a friend encouraged me that I needed to know.  She was right so I kept our appointment as schedueled.

Thankfully I have a great leg vet only a 40 minute drive from me.  Steady was just fine hauling though my nerves always seem to creep up.   Steady was a bit excited when we arrived refusing to stand in one spot, but what's new.  Then Dr. King did his thing.   Rubbing, poking, proding with an ink pen and lunging was the extent of the invasive(ha) exam.  15 minutes and he gave his diagnosis.  Soreness seeming to coincide with the ground hardening.  We could go into x-rays and all that but he felt strongly that it would just confirm his thoughts.  Steady was a little off on his left front, interestinly enough.  I could see it as he was lunging him on his rubber mat in his place but not something I ever saw lunging him in my grassy side yard.  Go figure!  Injections it was.  Both front cofins and both lower hocks.  $310 later Steady gets some time off and I will hopefully have a sound horse for the much anticipated event camp coming SOON!  He will be ok to ride for a few days before I leave for my trip.  Then he will have the entire 12 days off.  I will have about 5 days before event camp.  That I may get in two maybe 3 rides on him.  Though I will be riding almost my entire trip out to CA so I will be fit.  All in all I am happy with the news.  He will also be seeing the chiro before camp cause I can tell his lumbar is out.  One day I may have this horse all fixed up and then I won't know what to do with myself.

                                                                  Steady's boo boos.

And he looked so good standing there I thought it a great time to do a weight update photo.  Sooooo wattaya think??!!

Then I poor Moonlight was giving me a pouty face.  This is what happens when an 8 year old little girl that has her own horse learns how to braid.  Who needs Breyer's when you have the real life version?!

Moonlight-"does nobody care that I am a boy??"


  1. I think Steady looks like a sexy beast! Glad it was nothing serious.

  2. I'm with Karen; Steady looks just great! And he'll add more weight with his mini-vacation, too, don't you think?

  3. Thanks guys! I am actually happy with his weight and don't feel he needs to gain anymore. He does need more top line but that will come with work.

  4. Whew! I'm so happy the vet doesn't think it's serious. :D And Steady looks fantastic. You've done great researching what he needs and getting his weight up. I'll keep my fingers crossed the the injections do the trick and you have a blast at the camp.

  5. Great..
    My prayers were answered..even though I just started, 10 min ago!
    He does look good.
    As I read the prognosis, I recalled an arena I boarded at..the dams became like cement, the mare became unwilling. Her hind hooves had bull nosed, all by themselves...I had to give her joint supps, just to ride. Her joints, hips we re so out.
    Like I mentioned, it is always something with our ultra sensitive TB'S! They will teach us yet..to think like they do!

    Good news!


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