Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trail ride part 3: Total cuteness!

Mini's crossing water with little people on their backs.  I turned the camera around in this video because everyone was behind me but then the mini's ended up leading us out of the water.  You can hear my girls excitement. After the water you can hear Elaina bouncing and her voice rattling, too cute!  They truely loved it and it is the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have had as a mother.  Sharing these times on the trails.  Even though the mini's were buggers at moments the truth is I trust them with my girls and they don't let me down. 

I think Steady truely enjoys trail rides.  He has also come a long way from last year when it was his first times out on a trail.  He questioned many things, like hills, water and scary noises and now he goes through most of the trails with ears perked and loving it.  He is and never will be a deadhead trail horse, I mean how lame would that be anyways.  I would never trust anyone that wasn't a very experienced rider on his back for the moments that he decides that going forward is not our best option.  Sometimes side ways or backwards or even straight up in the air have been some of his other choices but he is never nasty about it and as long as you are planted in your seat and know how to work through the issue then he is just a lovely trail horse.


  1. Amy-- I'm happy to send the shims. Just email me your address at aimee.towell at gmail dot com and I'll put them in the mail.

  2. I just LOVE these videos and your girls are TOOO cute on their minis!

  3. Thank you so much SB.
    Thank you Kristen, I do to but I may be bias :)

  4. I love these videos! The girls on their minis are so adorable!! Almost makes me wish I had a little girl and I've been saying I don't want kids since I was fourteen lol. Thanks for sharing these with us. So fun.


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