Thursday, June 9, 2011

What the HELL just happened??!!??

That was what was running through my head as I was looking at my horse fully saddled lying flat on his side not moving.  (few minutes prior)  The day was going as normal as can be.  I got Steady out and tied him to one of my fence posts just like I always do.  I had all my stuff right there ready to go.  After his bath yesterday he was still shiney and spotless (gotta love a horse that doesn't roll the second he gets put in the pasture after a bath) so I didn't even have to brush him.  He was very mellow and he usually is when all of this goes on.  I put his saddle on, fiddled with it for a moment to check the fit.  He was standing perfectly calm.  I walk about 10 feet away to where my helmet was and started to put it on when I heard the commotion.  I turn around and he is fighting to break away from the post.  He then ends up on his knees with his neck stretch out fighting as hard as he can.  Then he grunts flips out and ends up on his side!!!  With his neck stretched out he really had no leverage to do much but he fought for a second and then just stopped and wasn't moving.  What was going through my mind..."What in the HELL just happened?!  Do I dare get close to him.  Well shit I have to try to pull the quick release knot.  I really hope I tied that right."  I walked up and pulled as hard as I could to try to get it to come loose.  It was pulled so damn tight from him struggling that it wasn't coming easy.  But it was coming loose.  That is when is started fighting again.  I yanked as hard as I could(after the adrenaline rush went away I realized I gave myself a nice rope burn on my fingers) it slipped loose and he was soon back to his feet standing there like nothing happened.  My heart was pounding I was shaking.  He is just standing there so I tried to move him forward because of course my first thought after that was, "did he hurt himself?"  As soon as I started to walk forward he lost it again!  He reared like a real rear I think he hit his head on a tree then he was back down on the ground with his two front legs and seemingly stuggling to get up.  It is strange where your mind goes in a moment like that, my thought process was, "What the Fuck(pardon my mind language)?  Did he break a leg?  He can't stand up?  Shit now I am going to have to call the vet.  I wonder how much costs to put my horse down?  I wonder if he broke my saddle?  Wait he is back up and standing on all fours.  WHAT IN THE HELL just happened????!!!!"  Once he was on all fours I got to saddle as quickly as possible to pull it off thinking that was the only thing that I could have done to cause this.

Standing there with him the saddle on the ground my heart pounding looking at all four legs to see if there were obvious injuries.  Which other than grass on his legs I saw nothing and wondering what to do next.    Well that was the end of the drama.  I walked him and saw short steps in his left hind leg and walked a little more and it went away.  I lunged him for a little bit and I think that there is some soundness problems with him.  I am guessing hocks because he is not showing obvious lameness but something is NOT right with my horse.  I think the lameness is unrelated to his psychotic episode but now I will be putting calls into the leg vet....sigh.  Sometimes I wonder if I can handle this.  I have no hard evidence as to what caused this episode and honestly he scared the shit out of me.  I don't know where we go from here but it wasn't where I had planned to go.


  1. He could have injured his neck or spine when he pulled back and fell or his head when he reared - check that out first - although with luck he didn't. As to what caused him to pull back, who knows? He could have been stung by an insect, or anything, or it could have been the saddle hurting him in some way.

  2. Yikes!! Very scary to watch that.

    As Kate said, anything could cause him to pull back. He could have startled or been bored or wanted to run or just randomly felt trapped. This is why lots of people advocate tying to a piece of twine instead of a hard tie to a fixed object.

    I'm soooo thankful Izzy doesn't usually give me the panic response like that. It's scary to watch a horse that feels trapped.

    After something like that, I don't think a vet would be able to separate recent trauma from something that's already been going on. Unless he has gaping wounds or is in so much pain you want bute, I'd hold off on calling the vet until he's had a chance to rest and recover.

  3. omg! Steady! WTF?! Maybe you tightened the girth too tight at first and he couldn't breath? I hope it is something like that, or an insect sting that set him off. Very scary! Hope he is ok!

  4. Sheesh, what a crazy thing! Definitely call the vet right away and have a chat with them.

  5. You didn't panic, and I'm not sure I could have stayed as calm as you did (even though I'm sure you didn't feel that way). I agree with SB - a night/day of rest before calling the vet, unless something obvious presents itself. Good luck!

  6. WHAT?! Jeez...Steady!! I hope he is ok, as it sounds like he is from your last post. What a scary event. Hopefully not to be reenacted ever again!

  7. Good grief! That must have been terrifying! I hope he's okay and I'm going now to read your next post . . .

  8. I'm very late...hope I may even post this comment! BOOGER (blogger)!

    Steady, oh! That is terribly freakish! Without having any new tack on and not ever having a pull back session before..mystery. He may have held his breath for the girthing, them retired to move, hit the stops-so on! Some one just gore bucked off twice in a row because of a bug bite at the girth..with these sensitive TB'S there is always something, I'm finding. to read what became of you and he!


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