Thursday, June 9, 2011

IEA day 2&3 XC baby!

Quick update on Steady's freak out.  Since blogger refuses to let me comment on my own blog.
I checked on him this afternoon and all legs look fine he is acting normal which is all relieving. I have an appointment with from what everyone says the vet to go to for legs on Tuesday. I know that the leg problems were not caused by this craziness but I have to think that it contributed. Simply because if he knows getting riden hurts it would make him on edge during saddling. I know I did not tighten the girth too tight. I hadn't even tightened it just put it on the second hole. It could very well have been a bug or bee. Though I would feel better if I had seen the actual culprit. But the horse HATES bugs and turns into a big weenie when it comes to them. Though I think it would take a pretty serious sting to get a bad reaction like that. Now I am afraid to tie him though I have tied him for over a year and never had this happen before. But either way when I am getting ear pinning, tail twitching when asked to canter and cross firing when cantering something must be done. I have heard from lots of people that this vet is amazing and I am hoping he can find out what is going on with my guy.  I will update as I know more.  As of now we may just do some longing at a trot but that is about it.  But damn is he starting to really look good.  And if you are the praying type I wouldn't mind a prayer sent up that Steady will be sound enough to ride in event camp.  Otherwise that money will be lost not to mention how much I was looking forward to it.

Up on Saturday at 4 am followed by the 2 hour drive.  You should see my sleepy eyed horses when I go out that early.  They are very confused why Mama is up and moving.  I snuck in just when the days briefing began.  We got the run down from the technical delagate and hitched a ride on a golf cart to our post for the day.
Saturday was Prelim/Training XC day and I was jump judging on jump 6 with my good ole friend Susan.  What a fun day!   We chatted and sat in awe of some of the horses/riders.  Chatted and some horses/riders a bit out of control even one rider that seemed extra spur agressive.  We changed jumps 3 times for different levels.  We were at the palisade for prelim and T3D.  Then for training we were at a combo log-ditch-log.  All day all clear on our jumps.  Though we could hear over the radio when troubles arose.  Jump 10 and 8 seemed to be the main prolem areas and for good reason.  That evening they have a competitors party and we were given a ticket as volunteers!  I got to eat dinner with some facinating ladies including Lee Ann Zobbe, Mary Tinder and Lani Gilliam.  After helping to clear tables and chairs from the party I snuck in on a golf cart and tagged along with Lee Ann and her students for their course walk drive!  That was awesome.  Since I didn't even get to see the entire course yet and then I got to see it the easy way.  And over hear her coaching, awesome!

My plan Saturday night was to sleep in my truck anything to avoid another 4 am morning followed by a 2 hour drive.  Though I asked if I could park near Lee Ann and Mary's campers just to be near people I knew.  Later that even a storm blew in and I was offered by Mary to share her bed in her camper.  I accepted her offer and spent the night ours with her and a lovely Jewel laughing telling stories and finally well into the AM we finally all shut up and fell asleep.  I was awakened the next morning  my Mary with coffee and breakfast.  Mary was an amazingly kind, generous, sweet, positive and uplifting person.  I am still in awe of her and very grateful for her kindness.  She is the oppitomy of what people say about the eventing crowd.  If I didn't ride in eventing I think I would still come to these events and volunteer just to hang out with these people.

I hopped out of bed at 7:25am threw on my cloths and popped over to Sunday's briefing by 7:30!  Sunday was Novice, N3D and beginner novice XC.  I was at jump 11 Mary's sunrise and today I was manning it by myself.  I have to say I didn't mind the alone time.  Though Mary swung by a few times to keep me company.  We were really taken care of as volunteers and it was such a great experience.  Again everyone was clear on my jump.  The day went smoothly.  I dreamed about the day(maybe soon) that Steady and I will be on this course.  Though it would be a hard decision between riding and volunteering.  When the day was done I didn't hesitate jumping in my truck to head home though because I was sweaty, dirty and tired. I never mentioned the heat, whew!  Saturday was the worst with highs I think in the upper 90's yowza.  I was ready to get home to the family.  Once again dinner awaited me on the table I and my heart was so full from the entire weekend.


  1. Wow that sounds really amazing. Like so much fun! I'm glad you had a good time. :)

    Oh and I know I'm too late to pray for Steady for that specific vet appointment since I'm commenting so late, but he'll still be in my thoughts/prayers. I hope he's okay.

  2. Great fun you had! Neat event.
    I'm praying for Steady, as I do for my beloved Wa and others..that the professionals and you can find, eliminate and or accept what ever process happens next.
    My plans get dashed all the time with my horse dreams, but have come to find, her well being is best served vrs my hopes aspirations. Then it does always work out for my marr and me.

    Hang in!


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