Sunday, June 5, 2011

The quick recap of the weekend.

Am overwhelmed by an amazing weekend!  I met some of the most genuinely kind and down to earth people.  Stayed up too late giggling in the camper.  Saw some incredible horses and riders.  Sweat my butt off and was covered in dirt.  Learned a great amount of helpful information.  Daydreamed about the day Steady and I will do our first 3 day.  Got teary eyed seeing riders and horses get presented with a challenge and maybe even think about hesitating then trusting in each other, landing on the other side shouting "GOOD BOY/Girl!".  Worked as hard as I could to do my small part to make this a great experience for all the riders.  Was amazed by the elegance in dressage then those same horses turn into these fierce jumping machines in cross country.  All  this while my sweet husband held down the home front so I could be gone for a 3 day weekend and even came home to dinner made and on the table both nights I came home.  What a start to the month of June!  And I have a feeling it is just going to get better.

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