Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The One.

Something I have spent very little of my time thinking about but that if I do stop and think about that I don't really believe in.  Call me cinical but I just don't believe there is a one and only soulmate out there and that if you don't find that one person you will always be missing something.  But I do believe everyone has one type of person that they are better suited to have a long term relationship.  We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses and I think we all need someone in our lives that compliments our strengths and  helps us in our weaknesses.  But this is NOT a human relationship blog this is a horse blog and all those things I mentioned above I do believe are true when we are choosing our equine partner also.  The is not just ONE horse that is right but the right horse can change your life.

I knew this, I have expereinced good and bad relationships with different horses but I have absolutely loved watching the metamorhpasis of just what the right horse can do for a person.  If you do not read Aimee's blog you should.  You can go back a year ago and read for yourself the difference that the right horse can make.  It is a beautiful thing to watch as this horse has built back her confidence one jump at a time all the way to this point where last weekend they XC schooled Novice fences like they are no big thang!

Way to go Amiee and Cuna!!!  You two are awesome!!


  1. I agree, I love reading her blog lately! Her enthusiasm and love for that horse and what they are doing just leaps off the screen.


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