Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saddles and inspiration.

I have to admit I am lacking inspiration for this blog.  I am frustrated by my Internet provider.  Even attempting to get online is, well frustrating.  So a quick update and where The Dude and I are in this hellacious summer.

It is early rides to beat the heat.  And my new self challenge is bareback and stirrup less riding.  Our ride Friday I worked on moving off my leg and I have no idea why but Steady is SO difficult to move off my right leg.  He also lacks bend to the right.  Both of those things go hand in hand and have been our main focus.  There is alot of circles, spirals and leg yielding.  He is making me work for it too and I have kinda been pissing him off.  When he gets pissy I get pissy right back.  Assuring him that, YES you can move off my right leg.  I am never one to over correct him, he has so much heart and he tries so hard I know that when he gets fed up it is just a bit of frustration on his part.    We work, we get right to the point.  It is just too hot to move unnecessarily.  The twist on all of it is that we did all of it bareback!  Including popping over a tiny log a few times.  So my new self challenge is to ride bareback as often as I can and when I can't, then pull the stirrups off my saddle.    After jumping bareback I am totally hooked on it.  I am hoping by fall I will be able to move past single baby logs.  Who knows maybe next we will be trying the whole bareback bridless thing,  haha.  One step at a time.

BTW As for our next Eventing goal, I have my sights set on a one day Horse Trial at CAF in October.  I also have hopes that my 9 year old daughter and Lily will be competing at CAF in September in the Green as Grass division.  I have my work cut out for us all but I am always up for a challenge!


  1. Cuna is not the bendiest fellow either and he tries his heart out for me. The best solution I've found is to insist on the movement, then immediately pet and praise him when he does it. :) It's cute how happy it makes him.

    You're a brave one to jump a TB bareback. I haven't gathered the gumption to sit on those withers bareback yet.

  2. Bareback, as in no bareback pad? You are a brave woman! I was fortunate enough to get to hang out at CAF all day today watching my daughter at event camp. Made me think about you and Steady and reading all about your experience there last year. Love getting to audit and watch all the lessons :)


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