Sunday, August 24, 2014

What we've been up to...

I'd love to do an individual write up of each fun thing we've done but it just isn't realistic right now in my life.  Steady has been fantastic every ride lately.  I have to say it is pretty cool to get on a horse that feels like an actual trained horse.  It has been years and years since that has been the case for me.  Like since probably 20 years ago.  YIKES! That makes me feel old.  Elaina and I got to go out and hit the trails a couple weeks ago and that was a blast.  The weather has been amazing all summer.  Not too hot not too humid.  Perfect for riding.  I signed up for Team Challenge in October.  It was a funny feeling having multiple people wanting you to be on their team.  Haha I guess that is what getting 3rd individual and 1st team will do that for you.  I had a hard time deciding which team and even whether or not I should even sign up at all.  I just have not had the time to train and condition this year what so ever.  My riding has been sporadic at best.  Steady lost all fitness and I have lost any fitness I had.  Did we have time to build back fitness?  Did we have time and money for the lessons we needed?  Did I have the time and money to hit a schooling show before had since we had not been out even once this year for a show?  I still don't know all the answers to those questions and sure hope I can pull it off.  Poor people that thought it was a good idea to have me on their team!!

Some more exciting news that after all these years I finally have a dressage saddle.  Not just a dressage saddle but I found one that fits me, my horse, it was an incredible deal and my very favorite brand.  Albion!

There isn't much else to announce riding wise.  School is going great and I am getting more and more experience each week.  I am also researching the best equine body work programs out there.  I have some traveling, classes and an internship in the works for the equine training.

I'm just doing my best to hold it all together. Oh wait and since insanity seems to be my sanity I was asked to take on the Regional Secretary position for our Pony Club region.  Regional Secretary is basically the leader for the entire region.  Yeah, why not, I'd love to.  Ha!

A marriage, 3 young kids, a farm, 3 horses, sell a house, move states, buy a new house, go to school full time and clinics to fulfill and now PC responsibilities, oh my.  I can't say I'm doing it alone though.  My husband has been an absolute invaluable support system.  He has stepped up to the plate in every way needed.  Even making sure I have time to ride and completely happy with me taking lessons and competing.  Proof that miracles can happen!  Getting massages multiple times a week may be some compensation for him.  Maybe I need to write an inspirational book titled, "How I won over my reluctant horse husband and how you can too!"  LOL!


  1. WOW you have a lot going on! Sounds like the good kind of busy though, and yay for the hubs supporting you through it all!

  2. So happy all is well with you and the family - incredibly busy, but good :) Hope to see you out and about at a show soon!

  3. I am so happy to see an update from you! I have no idea how you do it all, but you're an inspiration for me that maybe I can have kids and still ride someday. Good luck at Team Challenge!

  4. Good stuff! Can't wait to read all about Team Challenge! Good luck!

  5. LOL I love your book idea! Congrats on the new saddle. That is fantastic!!!!


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