Monday, September 15, 2014

Super, awesome, Jerk.

Recap of the last week in horses.

Ok ride,
Steady was good and compliant.  Did some flat work jump a few smallish jumps.  All was good.  I rode in my jump saddle for the first time in a few weeks and I felt insecure.  I hated that feeling.  Because that saddle always makes me feel so safe. I have been working so hard to figure out how to ride in a dressage saddle I guess it messed with my jump position.

Jerk face bucked then started pitching a fit.  Then since I was home alone and not really wanting to get hurt battling sir jerk face I made him regret being a jerk but did it from the ground.  It took a bit of time but I did finally win that battle.  In turn making me run late for school but hey I had to finish what I started.  The only picture I have is of when I was lunging him for bucking.

It takes talent to look this good while being a complete a-hole!

Super awesome ride
I went and had a lesson with LAZ on Thursday because school was closed for an in-service, yay!  My thoughts going into this was to figure out if It was going to be beneficial to my health to show up at Team Challenge in a few weeks.  We have not gotten out to one show this year so far and I am apprehensive to say the least.  Well Steady was a complete rock star.  It was amazing!  He didn't put a foot wrong.  I guess he had one rail the entire lesson but it was a "lazy rail".  My horse had a fricken LAZY rail.  No joke.  He was quiet at quiet could be.  I focused big time on my breathing. Which is something they talk quite a bit about at school for massage.  It was phenomenal.  I could literally feel him down shift the moment that I took a deep cleansing breath.  LAZ made it clear that I need to keep my shoulders back hands down and no pulling upon landing. 

Horse shopping
Yes we are on the look out for a new horse for Elaina.  She got her season with the bitty Pony and now we need to find a better fit for her.  She went a tried out a little gelding that might be "the one".  Still working out details with owners so not deats about him quite yet.

No riding for 4 days
This makes my heart hurt.  Life needs to slow down just a little so I can get into the saddle more than 2-3 x's a week.  Seriously, I'm not kidding my butt needs more saddle time.  My butt misses my horse.


  1. Pony shopping!!!!!! Fun! Well maybe a little stressful, but still exciting. I'm glad you had such a great lesson on Steady. He looks GORGEOUS!!!!!


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