Sunday, May 1, 2011

Because you have not read enough about Rolex...hehehe

Note: my camera is not suited for outside action shots or any halfway decent pictures actually so as the daughter and grandaughter of successful professional photographers, sorry.

I got to go!!!  Friday morning I had Rolex on the brain so I sent a text to the husband saying, "Wouldn't you just love to go to Lexington tomorrow?".  His response was different than I expected.  He asked why and said "actually I was wanting to go down to Lexington too".  LOL what are the chances?  He had found an item on craigslist that he wanted to pick up just south of Lexington.  How could that have worked out any more perfect?

About 10:30am he dropped me and the girls off at KHP.  The girls said they wanted to come with me though I think next time they will think twice about that.  They did so great but after hours of Mommy dragging them from jump to jump you can imagine they all got a bit weary.  Kelcie 4 and Macy 6 were just wiped out.  Elaina was tired but she was just as driven as me to want to see "it all".

It was thrilling and interesting, suprising and exciting to watch.  Those horses are so freaking awesome to fly by with thier ear as far forward as they can go, covered in sweat and the pure power that flys by just feet in front of you.  Then to look at the challanges at each jump as you are waiting anxiously for the next team to meet the challange.  I got video and photos where I could.  My battery in the camera died before my most favorite combination the HSBC water park.  I only saw one horse and rider team go through this but they took the tougher option and it seriously gave me goose bumps.

My girls really loved it but I think they would have enjoyed it more had we set up camp in one spot.  Elaina was taken by all of it and completely interested in every aspect.  Macy said she was going to do that some day.  I told her I would be head of her crew!  I was amazed by all of it.  A year ago I didn't even know what eventing was and to be watching something like that I was just soaking it all up. 

Setting the course.

I could have spent hours just in the trade show and all the tents.  I did come away with this great new asset to our endeavours.  I am excited to try it out.  I could have done WAY more damage than this very easily but figured my husband might get suspicious if I walked up with 10 bags.  He didn't seem to notice the one extra I had when he came to pick us up :)

As I made the walk back to the parking lot with whiney kids and I myself was tired from all the walking I kinda snuck a back way around and saw the horses and a couple riders back at the stables.  I wasn't brave enough to say hi.  Other highlights: I ate the most terribly wonderful pile of fries covered in cheese and bacon and sour cream.  The kids and I shared the bowl and were all full.  It was HUGE and I am sure clogged my arteries instantaneously.  I liked how friendly people were.  I was really tempted to try the landrover obstacle course.  And the best souvenir of all courtesy of me being an idiot I came home with one of these!!


And please if you have not read my last post or if you have read it and not made a guess at the trivia question please go do so.  Here is a photo of one of those traditional Kentucky black barns right across from the Rolex Stadium at KHP.


  1. Sounds like so much fun. Your little girls are so cute,and so good to go with you and be good sports. What a great day you had.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you got to go. What a great day weather wise it was, too! And yes it IS tiring to walk jump to jump. The girls look like good sports though. :)

  3. Jealous!! It's a two day drive (looooong days) just to get there from here. Sigh. Enjoy your location and your super awesome new pad! (If you want shims for it, let me know. I have extras and can get them to you for the cost of shipping.)

  4. That looks like so much fun!!! I'm glad you got to go. Your girls are adorable and I'm glad they were good sports. :D


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