Monday, May 30, 2011

Trail ride part 2; the fiasco.

Run away mini's!!!  Caught on tape!

Macy 6 had a slight fear of going down a large hill.  Well her fears were justified as evidenced in this video at minute 10.  I kept having to cut off the little mini's so they wouldn't get out front when going down the hills especiallly.  On this particular hill there was mud at the top then a tiny little hill on the side.  Blaze was attempting to avoid the mud and when I went to cut in front of them he snuck up on that tiny hill and there was nothing I could do.  And that is were it went wrong.  You may want to turn the volume down because as her mother I was screaming and then when my other daughter's mini started running away too I start yelling at her too.  But unless you are a mom that has been on a trail with your two very young children who are getting run off with then you probably don't have room to judge my spazoid


  1. oh my goodness little bastard mini! LOL!!! Steady looks like he is enjoying himself tho. :)

  2. All in all, much less eventful than last time. :)

  3. omg those minis!! Good job telling her what to do, over and over b/c in panic's SO hard to hear anything other than your own fear.

  4. I have to admit I laughed when that mini took off, even though your poor daughter was terrified! You handled it really well too. That's probably exactly what I would have said to my little girl.

  5. Karen yes they can be little bastards but they do for the most part take care of my girls. Steady does love it a long as he is out front.
    SB I thank God for that!

    Kristen that is exactly why I do it.
    TBaron I completely understand :)

  6. Your girls handled themselves really well and even though it scared them they seemed to get over it pretty quickly. Way to go giving directions and not trying to catch them. :)

    I really enjoyed watching your trail rides. Love your helmet cam. :)


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