Friday, May 6, 2011

A new direction??

So you may have guessed by now what my conclusion from my "Tough decisions" post is, but I am officially saying it, outloud.  I am taking an indefinite step back from any events, shows and lessons.  It is hard to say because it is the last next to last(the last would be to give up my horse) thing that I want to do.  It is going against everything in my heart/desires is yelling at me, yet my mind still lets me type the words because it is just what has to be done.  I don't know for how long.  It could be months(lets hope, but it is doubtful) or it could be years(yuck, makes me feel sick, but it is probably the truth).  Well unless I take eventer79's advice and sell my kids in Mexico to free up some horse cracked me up!!!  Though a fantastic suggestion and one I hadn't thought of, I have grown kinda fond of the little buggers so that will probably not happen.

I guess this blog will be taking a new direction.  Problem is I have no idea what direction that will be.  It is a place that I have stated our progress toward eventing and since that goal will be indefinitely(? I really dislike that word.  It sounds, so, definite.) put on hold it obviously cannot be an outlet for that anymore.  I do have a couple cool things coming up that are already planned so I can blog about those: horseback riding trip to Pt. Reyes, CA(in June) and event camp(in July).  But beyond that I doubt anyone wants to read about one monotonous ride after another.  I mean of course to me it is not monotonus but to read all the time I can see how it would be less than exciting.  Who knows maybe I will blog about it anyways and I can put a sign in the title like MRAW(monotunous ride again;  That way if you are just completely bored out of your gourd you can read it but otherwise pass it  Who knows where it will go but either way it will be mine and Steady's journey to make this work.  It is not a fairy tale story where all my childhood dreams are gloriously handed to me on a silver platter but it is our story and it will be a happy one!


  1. I'll bet you'll find lots of interesting things happening as your focus changes - and besides, I write about one monotonous ride after another on my blog - it's your blog and you can write, or not write, about whatever you want.

  2. I write about one boring ride after another on my blog. It is my journal of training and random horse thoughts. It does let me see how far we have come even when I feel stalled. A surprising number of people come by and visit and even say nice things. I hope they don't all leave if we start doing something interesting.

  3. I agree with Kate completely. I mean, for the last 2 years, I have pretty much been blogging about my horse being what degree, etc. Probably very boring to anyone that isn't a horse person, but luckily, our readers ARE horse people. So, I still got moral support, and many of them shared in my joy as I started to post about the monotonous-mostly-walking rides as she became sound again recently.

    Keep updating, if only for will help you see progress, too.

  4. Agree with all the others! :) When I hit a point where I can't afford lessons, I watch a bunch of videos on yubetube or and copy the exercises that are appropriate for me and my horse. I read read read and make up plans to try that day. If you make just a little bit of progress every day, after 30 days look where you are! And hey if you are ever up for a fun trail ride - lemme know!

  5. There are never any fairy tails, sadly. There is always heartbreak and setbacks and things that never work out. But it doesn't mean you can't progress and learn! :-)

  6. Ditto to all the above!

    I started my blog, just as an on-line diary (of which I wish I had started when Riva was a yearling), for myself. I was floored when people started following and leaving comments.

    I thought - this will be totally boring to anyone but me - but it has been great to 'meet' people like you through my passion for my horse.

    Don't stop blogging - it is ALL in the journey!

  7. Keep on blogging! I love hearing from you. It sounds like the right decision to tak e abreak for now, but don't just can your dreams forever. You have a saddle that works for both of you. You can start riding and progressing with that. You can build Steady's fitness. You can trail ride and help him get braver, especially about ditches and banks and natural obstacles that are easily found, you know, in nature.

    There are online videos to watch and learn, clinics to audit (most of which are free or really cheap), and shows to volunteer at. You can learn the ins and outs of competition by watching and helping, instead of running around like crazy being stressed.

    A friend of mine was in a position similar to where you are--she's older than I am, has kids, limited finances, and obviously, limited time. She learned and volunteered for five year, and is finally starting to get out and show. She's pretty dang awesome, and you will be to. Keep your chin up and your blog going.

  8. I guess I'm in the monotonous one ride after another blogging category too...

    My blog serves as a training journal first and foremost - hopefully there are entertaining elements for others once and a while.

    I can only afford the odd lesson here and there these days. I read, watch videos and follow other people's (monotonous) training journals. Finding that others have the same issues, and learning how they work through them has been very helpful to me.

  9. You guys are all so right. I am finding that the hardest part was just wrapping my brain around not being able to afford those things I had planned out for the year. Ever since I have been at peace about the decision. It is funny because I follow and read all of your blogs and those of you who said you post about monotonous rides I enjoy your blogs. I guess it is more that I am not confident that I can make much progress on my own. All of you seem like such better riders than me and have things you can teach your horse on your own. I need to get into finding training videos and maybe a book or two but to be honest I find it somewhat torcherous to read. That is terrible I know but it is the truth. So video's are the way to go for me. Reading a book cover to cover seems daunting but I LOVE to read

    Not mention I already have my spot reserved for event camp and I will probably learn more in that one week than an entire season of lessons so I guess I have nothing to be down about. So glad you guys stick around for my crazy roller coaster ride of a life :)
    I say we plan a rolex rondevous for 2012!

  10. But, no ride is ever boring. If it were, why on earth would we be doing it? I'll never get tired of hearing about the partnership between you and Steady. Keep writing, keep riding - the next path will emerge even as you ride and write down it.

  11. YOU go for it girl!!
    Everyone is onboard for the way it happens in the whatever-time it takes to happen, boat!! Mee too!

    My boarding experiences(many) and my mare have taught me to chill with the big goals and plans.
    (though they still exsit in my dreams)
    What I have is the NOW, with it's problems but also-BIG and RICH JOYs of owning my mare and doing what is in front of us. Taking it one week at a time.
    If I was to settle upon what was in the past and not take the current horse I have or situation with its negative finacial ramifications, I would get depressed.

    THINGS NEVER STAY THE SAME...and that goes for the hard times too. So hang in, I am glad that you are keeping Steady and loving him still!

  12. Hey, please keep blogging. Things change, things happen. My blog is probably the most boring one out there but I LOVE it b/c it helps me look back at things and see progress, even teeeny tiny ones.
    You and Steady are awesome to read about.
    ALSO-just thinking out loud. I'm sure there are people near you, that you could set up a 2x or 1x a month XC fun day. Just b/c you dont show doesn't mean your riding has to slump. There are plenty of barns that are willing to meet and let people ride at, etc, or if you get a group together and create a ride and you can set up xc jumps on your property (assuming u have the space). Get creative!! :)

  13. Please don't stop blogging. I'll still read even if it's boring monotonous rides lol (not that it ever would be). :) You can find other things to do with him too that won't cost money.

  14. Please don't stop blogging. I'll still read even if it's boring monotonous rides lol (not that it ever would be). :) You can find other things to do with him too that won't cost money.

    If these show up twice, sorry! Blogger deleted all of the comments I made yesterday before the downtime. :(


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