Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Derby day

Derby day was bike rides in the rain, bonfires, fun with friends, mint julep and thoroughbred pie.

Most of the bike ride was just lovely. We had a few patches of rain but it was warm enough it didn't bother us much.

The bonfire was insane. It got the horses all panicked as the huge cloud of smoke blew trough the pasture. The pile had sat for over a year so it was very dry and so huge there was a 30 foot flame coming off it but it lasted less than 5 minutes but in those few minutes it got a little scary. I could even see the panic on my husbands face. It was safe. It has been soooo wet here there was little chance anything would catch fire and it was in the middle of our side yard. Yay more space to ride.

We had our friends over to share it all with us.

Mint Juleps from mint picked in the back yard. Shhhh I will tell you a secret...I am not a huge fan of them...but I'll sip on one for the derby.

Thoroughbred Pie, how fitting, right? It was good but super sweet.

Now if we would have had a Kentucky Hot Brown and a frickles maybe I would have had better luck picking the winner.

I was cheering for Rosie and Pants on Fire. First female jockey to win the derby would have been great but not today I guess.

Over all it was a great day. Beautiful horses. Hoping Archarcharch has a safe and speedy recovery. The heart of these animals never ceases to amaze me. That they will run their heart out even when injured.


  1. I was rooting for Pants on Fire too, oh well. Animal Kingdom was very impressive.

  2. Love that name & a female jockey to boot!

  3. I missed the derby. :( I didn't know one was injured. I need to try to find the footage somewhere. I sure wish I could have watched.


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