Friday, May 6, 2011

Some bad and some good. MRAW installment #1 but there is video :)

If you don't know what MRAW means, go back and read my previous post.

I don't know what got into my Steadyman yesterday but he was being a pill. I decided to ride him out to the field. We have had success in riding out alone before but our last attempt did not go well and I didn't at the time have time to work him through it. I had time yesterday but I was actually hoping he would just be a good boy and go where I asked him to. That was not the case. He got to the edge of the fence line and stopped dead in his tracks. I kicked and kicked until he moved forward hoping that would be all he needed for encouragement. BOY was I wrong! Every few steps STOP! So I started circling him and circling him the pushed forward. A few more steps, same thing, over and over and over. Then about half way into the 9 acre field he decided no amount of circling was going to work. He gave me a bunny hop and so I circled some more and pushed him forward and then he gave an actual rear. DAMN IT boy you are on my last nerve. Not wanting to die yesterday I hopped off and walked him farther out into the field made him stop and I was going to get back on. Well of course he didn't want to stand still and kept attempting to turn back toward home. So I stood there making sure he did not get what he was wanting. He was going to stand facing away from home like a gentleman if it was the last thing I did. I then decided the boy needed some work to get him thinking about me and not everything else except. So I sent him in circles from the ground. I did this about 3 times and he finally stood nicely so I could get back on him. I pushed him forward just a few more feet and decided if I didn't want this to end badly it was time to call it quits. The horse had already had a temper tantrum and was on the verge of a full blown melt down. And you know what they say, they didn't build Rome in a day. So we walked back to the house and I intended to take him back to my "arena" and work his little hiney. But he got as far as the barn and STOPPED!! I could have strangled him at this point I was getting frustrated. Part of something I have really been working on is in stead of getting angry and throwing my own temper tantrum I needed to use my little brain and find something to get his attention. This is a work in progress for me. I immediately jumped off and grabbed the lunge line. Muahahaha, if you can't listen then you will work. And work he did. He threw a few fits on the line but to no avail, Mama kept making him work. I took him back to the barn got on and he stopped again. Ok lets do this again. More lunging. Third time was a charm and he decided he would walk nicely out to the arena.

So he was a royal PITA!! But out of it we got some nice work that I am happy with. Not perfect but nice. He had something going on to the left at the canter and I decided not to push it because he was listening and he could have possibly pulled something in all the circling in a muddy field. Other than that I am pretty proud of the work he gave me after his fits. Sometimes he gets behind the vertical but we are a work in progress obviously.


  1. Well your video looks great!!! :) You should be so proud of yourself and your (really handsome!) poneh. Good job working through his balking issue, too. Some days they really get bug up their ass. lol

  2. Yeterday must have been a bad karma day for horses in general...all the ponies at our barn where wired!

    My girl decided to exit the indoor arena - despite my kicking yelling, etc and refuse to go back in the arena. I hopped off - smacked her with the crop - and convinced her staying in the arena would be the correct choice.

    Gotta love em :)

  3. You and Steady look great, especially to the right. Hooray! That saddle looks great for you guys--so glad you snapped it up.

  4. You look great! I would be really happy to get that kind of work out of Baron. Don't you feel amazing after a good ride? I feel like I can conquer the world after a good ride!

  5. Steady looks great, a lot better than some videos I've watched in the past few days of horses that are ridden in lessons all the time!

  6. Blast it all...blogger ate my comment...booo hisss-

    Will try again!

    LOOK AT HIM! Look at YOU! He is looking so wonderful Amy!
    Your kids were too adorable doing the video...very good they were!!!
    He definately was more relaxed and swingy to the right, seeking more contact in a lower frame.(could be that he was warmed up).

    I miss doing these things sooo much(still waiting on the new saddle)but maybe I can live vicariously-through you!

    A neat top line stretching exercise my sissy taught me to do is the "Release Hand" exercise.
    While you trot or canter, in a smooth/slow motion of a circle forward on the neck- release contact with the inside hand/rein. It'll last 2-3 strides while your other hand remains in contact on the outside. He should legthen his neck seeking the contact again..doing this will relax him and also allow you to "eventually" let out an inch or two of the overall rein contact. I would do it after you have been working awhile and he is warmed up. He will like it and become longer too!
    Have fun!!!

  7. You guys look great, love Steady's handsome neck! He's such a beaut!

  8. Karen thanks, I am gonna miss seeing you this weekend but we have got to get together. I still have your saddle and we have this standing trail ride date. Lets plan it. I may bring my daughter too but she is and awesome trail buddy her and her little guy always keep up with me and Steady and they go through anything.

    Kelly- Maybe it was something in the air. And yes we still love them even when they are pains in our hiney's.

    SB- Thank you so much. He was wonky to the left that day for some reason. I too am glad I got the saddle. It is really working out lovely.

    Trainingbaron- Thank you. Some days are lovely others are a challange but you are right I am on cloud nine after a good ride. It is my therapy.

    Horsemom- Really? Thank you so much.

    Allhorsestuff- Thank you on both the horsey and kiddos. They are great kids and love horses just as much as I do. I will try that exercise thank you so much!!

    K.S.- Thank you and thank you :)

  9. Sorry Steady was a pain going to the field and coming back, but wow he did so well once you put him to work! He's looking so nice. I loved seeing the video. Your girls are so cute, listening to them talk and giggle. :) Have you considered getting a tripod to help keep the video steadier and straight up and down (I get a little motion sick lol, well I have a headache do so that might be part of it, on the computer too long hehe) until she develops a steadier hand? I got a cheap tripod at Walmart that I absolutely love. :)


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