Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend progress

After our frustrating attempt to ride out through the field on Thursday I knew that the problem didn't have to be solved that day.  Actually I feel like Steady is teaching me this great truth, that a problem created over months and even years doesn't and should be fixed in a day.  I am slowly grasping this but sometimes I revert to my old way of thinking.  I get in my head that it is a power struggle and think I need to win the battle.  Well it is not about winning or losing when it comes to a relationship, now is it.  It is about trust, compassion and love.  I established on Thursday that Steady must not be out right defiant of what I am asking.  So he had to work when he wouldn't listen.  Until I felt he understood.  Then we were done.

Friday went much much better.  We rode out 3/4 of the way back in the field with only one time having to circle him.  He stopped a few other times but I would give him a second to look at what was concerning him, patted him and told him he was OK then asked him to move forward and each time he did.  Minus the one time I did circle him about halfway out.  We got as far as I felt was neccessary and we stood quietly for a few moments then I turned him back.  All along the way there were ALOT of "what a good boy"s going on and I was very very proud of my Steady man.  That was all the work we did.  All at a nice walk.  Followed by a long graze in some lovely tall grass.  I wanted him to see the benefits of being such a trusting partner.

Saturday I didn't ride.

Sunday I decided to do a bit of jumping and galloping.  After a great warm up and even a few decent leg yields at the trot we galloped a few times around my side field in each direction.  Then some jumps.  I really think we need to move our jumps higher but I of course am nervous about it.  Right now they are 2" at the highest and sometimes he just steps over them.  I also don't have easily adjustable jumps since they are logs on top of straw bales and and landscaping timbers on is very fancy and high tech around here as you can see.  One of these days I will throw together a few actual standards but until then we will stick with our hillbilly jumps.  It was a lovely ride followed by another trip out through the field.  This time we need zero circling and we went all over the field, including through some very large puddles.  I am soooo proud of my boy and even proud of myself for making great strides in my horsemanship.  I have a tendancy to get flustered and even angry when a problem arises.  We worked through this issue with no anger and very little frustration.  

I also think we may be making progress in Steady's weight.  It may be a little early to get too excited but I am starting to be sold on Progressive.  We are only a couple weeks into it but I think he is putting on some good weight.  I think he looks good over all and now he just needs more added to a his topline.

I don't have a photo from beginning.  I kept meaning to take one but of course never did.  So here is Steady two weeks into changing over to Progressive.  His rump is looking rounder and he is looking more filled out in his flank area.  Now to get the that topline up!


  1. Yeah, he looks better already. He's also starting to get that lovely summer glow. So glad you've found something that works for him.

  2. I know I love summer coats. I meant to mention that the splotchiness on him is because he was still partially wet from his first bath of the year. And it was the frist time this year I could ride in short sleeves!!! Yay summer is coming!

  3. Steady is looking much better. :) I'm glad the Progressive is working for you.

    Your ride sounds great. I had hillbilly jumps when I was a kid hehe. :)

    I'm exactly the same as you on the anger, frustration, power struggle stuff. It's a constant battle to fight against habit, but we're both making progress. I still get very frustrated at times, but I'm learning to take a step back. :)


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